Sunday, November 11, 2007

What Could Be Better Than Slogans?

BLOGdoc 1 November 11, 2007 "Fight them over there, etc." Really?

I hear things, perhaps things on the radio, that seem, at the moment, utterly reasonable. That is, these things seem to be suspiciously easy to not only believe at the moment but also to effortlessly incorporate into my memory for use at all sorts of times when various opportunities arise in, say, otherwise innocent conversations.

In fact, this unfortunate process may well describe the transformation of a man into a knee-jerk reactionary, especially when the initial idea is presented by psychological pyromaniacs such as Limbaugh, O’Riley or their “little engine that could” Hannidy. This unwholesome group might as well include those in the Bush/Cheney Fear Inciting and Speech Writing Task Force.

Claims such as these are little more than cannon fodder on the inter net in the absence of examples. It is my sincere hope that the following might be employed constructively in the conversations at the shops, coffee shops, barber shops or mechanic shops.

“Fight them over there or fight them here.” Seasoned analysis of the violence in Iraq places Al Queada influence (by their frequency as perpetrators) well down on the list of perpetrators, that is, below sectarian violence, tribal violence, religious violence, out of country jihadist violence and simple crime. We might even add the violent effect of the tedium of life without security, water, sewer or schools for otherwise unaffiliated Iraqis. These represent ample motivation for violence stemming from frustration.

The Bush/Cheney Fear Inciting and Speech Writing Task Force publicity rules require that Iraqi violence be attributed to the Al Quaeda at least once in every three sentences of all publicity releases by American Generals and even those famous “on the street” interviews with lesser ranks or selected civilians. (The domestic form of this is the intense repetition of the term “911” by the President and Mr. Juliani.)

How many Iraqi Al Quaeda are there? One thousand? Five thousand? Next question, how many did it take to blow up the Trade Towers? The answer is roughly twenty Saudi Arabians.

Back to “Fight them over there or fight them here,” we have to ask “Which twenty are we after?” In the unlikely event that all Iraqi Al Quaeda are neutralized, will we not need to continue our concern over instances such as the Moroccans in Spain or the Libyans in Lockaby?

Aside from the obvious oil graft, the no-bid war profiteering and the psychotic dreams of Christian Crusades, what are we doing? Of course, we’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here!

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  1. what radio stations do you listen to? all your thoughts are terribly provokative, and i wish there was a way to know what you read, and what you listen to, so i might get more exposure through the muck of mass media.

    ~ a new fan.