Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Inspiration of Southern Wisdom

Blog doc 18 Exploring the Sometimes Puzzling Value of Southern Ideas

I will have to admit my own predisposition to wince each time I find myself somehow relying on something being said by a voice deeply colored by one the various Southern Accents. Can it be possible that some subtle feature of Southern Wisdom is missing in my understanding of the relative value of the words of my Southern Fellow Citizens?

After all, this is the fertile intellectual origin of all sorts of Southern Senators, Southern Coaches, Southern Preachers and other, more visible, bigots. Could it even enter the realm of possibilities that such forces of medieval leadership prowess might be better ignored? What a terrible step backward it would be if the Southern Influence as a guiding force for our national policy were to be disregarded!

Well, in an effort to clarify the great benefits from the Wisdom of the South, please consider these following ten focus points. It is hoped that by using these ideas, one will come to a more constructive view of our Southern Friends and their Valuable Southern Ideas.

Ten Positive and Essential Characteristics of Southern Thinking











Thank you.

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