Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

Blog doc 22 The Rest of the Story? Where’s Paul Harvey when we need him?

Gee whiz. It would be wonderful if the campaigners would just stick to the issues. Well, we might need a bit of media honesty as a prelude to such a happy development. “The Rest of the Story” has to do with what the next Democratic President will do to correct all these insults.

It’s hard to ask for answers when you don’t know the questions.

So, what are the questions? Here are a few that seem to pop up in the media blackout.

In The News: Stuff that doesn’t seem to really be done yet.

Children’s health care: Okay. It got vetoed. Then what? Did we just give up? How can we find the facts about this?

National debt: 10 Trillion Dollars. Okay. Exactly what did we buy? This doesn’t include the war money we borrowed from China. How can we find the facts about this?

Global Warming: Right. We can’t do anything right now. The crooks need to get organized so they can loot all the money we’re going to spend. Plus, President Genius still thinks it is a faith based problem. How can we find the facts about this?

NAFTA: This is an awful thing that nobody did. All the awful things it did to American workers and business aren’t actually awful. It has to stay awful forever because there is nothing that can be done about something that nobody actually did. Besides, nobody ever even thought it was a good idea. How can we find the facts about this?

Veterans Administration: Simple. Don’t pay for what it needs. After the rats and the cockroaches are gone, shut up the story and say weird things about all the folks who won’t support the troops. Whatever the problem is, they did it. How can we find the facts about this?

Medicare Pharmaceutical Bill: See, it is bankrupting the country. It is the very best bill that could be written by the folks who get the money from bankrupting the country and passed by the Very Responsible Republicans in the Congress. At 3 AM. Was this the same phone call? Plus, it proves that universal health care is impossible. Or, at least, could be impossible if we let these same folks steal all the money. How can we find the facts about this?

Congressional Subpoenas: These are faith-based subpoenas. The President and his cronies have faith that these subpoenas should never be served. They don’t want to be war criminals or fraud felons. How can we find the facts about this?

Crooked Elections: This only happened once in Ohio. And Florida. And, it didn’t really even happen at all. If it had actually happened, the Democrats would have done something about it before the next election. So. It will be a thunderous landslide for McCain. Or maybe Bob Dole. We should call all the electronic voting machines back from Iraq. And Mexico. Do we export democracy or crooked elections. Right? Right? How can we find the facts about this?

K-Street: These lobbyists are actually the only people anywhere who actually know what the voting electorate of the country really wants. They haven’t done such a bad job of running the Congress they bought. Oh yes, they are a little expensive compared to Federal campaign financing, but how could anyone run the government just based on what we think? How can we find the facts about this?

Federal Prosecutors: Did they throw them out for political reasons or not? Their world doesn’t end with a bang. It ends with a whimper. Who possibly cares what happened, anyway? In fact, who hasn’t already been confused enough? Who hasn’t forgotten all about it? Harriet Meiers? Dick Cheney? How can we find the facts about this?

Signing Statements: What right thinking President wouldn’t want to just keep going with them? Do we really need to write legislation to resurrect the Constitution or what? How can we find the facts about this?

Habeas Corpus: Why should we worry about some faith-based problem in the Magna Carta? Anyway, we might figure it out while we are racing for a trial before death from old age. Especially if we start while we are still young. Think about it. With no trials we would get even with all those lawyers. How can we find the facts about this?

911 Commission: Uh, weren’t there supposed to be two parts to this thing? Maybe Bush’s toady who was running that outfit just got too embarrassed. You know, maybe about the faith-based collapse of building seven. Just remember: “They hate our freedom.” I guess. Keep moving. There is nothing to see here. Everything is exactly what we said it is. How can we find the facts about this?

Governor Siegelman: The Republicans cheated this Alabama Governor out of his election. Then they threw him in prison. Then they threw away the key. Boy, oh boy, does this baby ever stink! Faith-based justice? No, It just stinks. How can we find the facts about this?

Torture: If a certain draft-dodger says it isn’t torture, well, that means it isn’t torture. Yes, of course it is disgusting, but more than anything else, it is grotesque. Like the rest of it. How can we find the facts about this?

War Profiteering: Harry Truman was a trouble making fire brand. This is not treason. It is not treason because it is less than a trillion dollars. That means it is a misdemeanor. Right? No need to investigate. Move along. Nothing happening here. How can we find the facts about this?

Outing CIA Operative: Well, this bitch was asking for it. After all, it was her mean old husband who tried to embarrass the President when he was lying about yellow cake in the State of the Union. She needed to mind her own business, the harpy. Oh, it was her business. Never mind. It doesn’t matter. Dick Cheney can’t go to jail because he has a heart condition, a pardoning President and a string of failed Attorneys General. How can we find the facts about this?

Scooter Libbey: While we are at it, let’s see. The Special Prosecutor was supposed to figure out what happened. Scooter obstructed. The President commuted. Dick Cheney is as innocent as the driven snow. That’s it. Move along. Nothing happening here. How can we find the facts about this?

Federal Election Commission: (See also “Crooked Elections”) The FEC can’t really do anything because nothing really actually happened. Anyway, the FEC can’t do anything because there aren’t enough commissioners to vote in a quorum. So, that means there isn’t any election fraud. It also means that whatever McCaine did with his federal money is, well, okay. Right? You bet! How can we find the facts about this?

Katrina Reconstruction: God sent the hurricane to drive all the evil Democrats and other wrong colored people somewhere else. Now, New Orleans is a Republican city and all the bad people are just sitting there whining about the poison gas in their trailers. For $60 Billion it was a good deal. You know, heaven sent. “Great job, Brownie!” Did everyone get their money? How can we find the facts about this?

Iraq intelligence: No. No. No. It wasn’t a bunch of cheap oil stealing lies. It was an honest mistake. Anyway, what does it matter now? Do you possibly think that sacrificing General Powell didn’t hurt the President? You bet it did! So. It was faith-based intelligence about Jesus and Crusades and stuff. What else could we have possibly done? How can we find the facts about this?

Science: Certain complaining voters want their money back for all the science they paid for that got crapped by the faith-based truth squads. Stem cells, global warming, NASA. What a bunch of whiners. What do all these voters even know about something like this, anyway? Come on. How can we find the facts about this?

We are clearly living in an engineered environment where the autocrat is insulated from the consequences of these deceptions. Amazingly enough, we citizens have actually bought into the propaganda message that there are no consequences! Somewhere in this preliminary list are at least a couple of ideas for questions for one of those “debates.” Still, maybe it is better to talk about patriotism. “If Rev. Wright were a talking frog, and he said the bitter thing, would he be more patriotic than you are?” After all, we must not forget that “They hate our freedom.”

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