Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Big Thank You to the Oil Futures Traders

Passive Aggressive Communication 101
Letting the World Know What We Think Without Saying Anything 37

As we indulge our codependent natures, we gradually appreciate the important work of the oil futures market more and more.

Codependents are very uncomfortable with confrontation of any sort. If one can only extract pleasure from life by controlling others, this trait can be rather cumbersome.

As a nation, we could, of course, comment or complain about every little things that has happened anywhere in the world. Although we would probably enjoy doing this, we are reluctant to just “jump right into it.” We really don’t wish to appear shallow or supercilious as we rant and rave about all these parts of our planetary reality that we just don’t like.

In comes the “blessing” of the oil futures market. When one of these miniscule perturbations crops up, the oil futures traders can answer for us by raising the price of oil! With their help we don’t need to say anything at all, a sort of international or cultural passive aggression.

No matter how inconsequential the subject of our outrage or complaint, we won’t have to speak up, and in doing so, act like whining ninnies! If we don’t approve of some change in diet in Ecuador, if we are frightened by a few gun shots in Nigeria, no problem! We won’t have to make any sort of risky comment. Our oil futures traders will raise prices so these bothersome folks, whom ever they might be, whatever they may have done, can see how upset we are, and all without our saying so much as a word.

If the French are cutting the subsidy for mud baths for the elderly, if Israel conducts military training or if some sheik in Saudi Arabia gets investigated for crooked military procurement, we can simply act as if we couldn’t care less. When the oil futures prices go up, these miscreants will know what we think of them!

When the North Koreans demolish a cooling tower or the Iranians test fire a few of their missiles, our polished passive aggressive communication can just swing into action. If the Indian Embassy in Kabul takes a bomb or the Russians complain about our missiles in Czech Republic, we don’t need to say anything at all. We can just raise oil prices! Then they'll know!

See? Everybody wins!

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