Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dwell Time Tells the Secret?

McCain Campaign slurs against Barack Obama
Big Money, Big Lies and Pretending Really, Really Hard

Dwell time” was a term which arose in the famous Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative. That program introduced all sorts of interesting language. Aside from several rather glaring weaknesses (1. It didn’t work. The machines it created never functioned. 2. It was expensive, generating about $5,000,000,000,000 -- five trillion -- in national debt. This year, we will pay about $300,000,000,000 -- three hundred billion -- in interest on that debt from decades back.) the program did manage to fool the Soviets, playing a central part in ending the Cold War. (Extreme "good on it" for that!)

So, “dwell time?” That described how long our pretend Star Wars laser would have to “dwell” on a Soviet SS-18 ICBM to destroy it in its “boost phase.” We pretended that this pretend laser was so powerful that the required “dwell time” would be basically zero seconds. Happily, the other side bought our story. The President was an actor, after all.

The McCain Campaign has copied some of this old Cold War strategy. Now under the direction of a new, more aggressive and even cheaper campaign manager, it is pretending that one of its slurs can destroy the Obama Campaign while still in its “boost phase.” The dream of the McCain Campaign is that, sooner or later, if it just keeps trying, one of these slurs will connect, delivering its toxin with sufficient “dwell time” to wreck Obama’s bid for the Presidency.

Of course there is, for the McCain Campaign, a down side. So far none of these slurs has really actually connected very well at all. Yes, each one of them, if it had gained any traction, could have really have dented the Obama image. Unhappily for the McCain Campaign, however, none has. Also unhappily, the more times this is tried, and consequently, the more times it fails, the less anyone is inclined to consider that, maybe, the pretend slurs are actually true. The McCain slur inventory is losing credibility so fast that fewer and fewer people are pretending to believe it. Faster than a used car lot can fill up with SUV's!

Oh yes, the most stalwart, crusty old evangelical neo-cons still pretend they believe it. For them, their version of mindless neo-con patriotic duty easily trumps any messy facts that they may have been unable to avoid. After all, that is what is meant by “the base.” In an unthinking way, these old fogies somehow still expect everyone to believe that their pretend lasers are actually very, very powerful and effective. The hired guns and the talking heads of the major media they have bought and paid for may be trying to prop them up a little, but now, even those are getting pretty road weary.

Most of the junk we built for the Strategic Defense Initiative is now rusting away silently in some Defense Department land fill. The tragic remnants of McCain’s ridiculous and ineffective slur campaign is officially in the garbage truck on its way to join it there.

So keep an eye on all of these inflammatory McCain slurs about Barack Obama. If you are wondering whether or not something so outrageous might be true, just relax and watch for a little while. They will, as is inevitable for most lies, simply drift into nothingness in a few days as they, once again, fail to get any traction.

If you are still suspicious that you are being tricked by the Muslim black boy with the crazy Baptist preacher and the Islamic terrorist wife, ask yourself why the McCain Campaign didn't commit itself to a "full court press" since it obviously claimed that it had something of value started.

No problem. Since facts mean nothing to the McCainite neo-cons, they should just grab whatever they can use, keep saying it over and over and pretend that it's working. After all, Ronald Reagan proved that building a pretend zero dwell time intercontinental missile killing laser isn't exactly rocket science.

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  1. This prompts me to ponder about the recent downturn in TV advertising dollars. Is this dip in ad revenue a consequence of the media so effectively demonstrating it is willing to be manipulated by government and military PR gurus? Has little Johnny Q. begun to look away from the media parrot or is he only temporarily distracted by his new iPhone?