Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reconciling with President George Bush

Getting Over My Bad Attitude
Being Less Critical of the President 36

When I find myself continuously astounded with my own negative impression of the leadership of George Bush, Dick Cheney and their ilk, I seek some reconciliation with my own opinions. Have I slipped into such a critical point of view that I have descended to outright hysterical name calling and complaining? Have I become so entrenched with my criticism that I have simply eliminated the possibility of a more compassionate opinion?

Well, I have to confess that I have. Now, I must seek out the positives, search for mind sets I have held which are, frankly, far too harsh, re-examine them and ponder other, less radical possibilities. As mea culpa, here goes:

I no longer think that First Lady, Laura Bush, deserves a prison sentence. That is a blanket statement. No domestic indictments, no impeachment, no war crimes trials. No nothin'.

So, how's that? It’s the voice of a new, more compassionate, more forgiving me! Right?

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