Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Short and Bitter Fiction

Why not science fiction?
Are we really ready to elect something like this? 55

Consider the news for Friday, May 8, 2009.

“This is CDN News Service. I am Harry Smith. The summary of today’s events:

White House medical affairs spokesman, Jerry Hart, today announced that President McCain, now in the ninth day of his coma, has been transferred along with the White House medical staff to facilities at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Hart told reporters that the President’s condition had stabilized, making the trip in Marine One to Maryland an acceptable risk. Photographers were not allowed during the transfer.

White House Spokeswoman, Lydia Blank, spoke to reporters at the daily briefing, “We expect President McCain to make a full recovery and to return to the Oval Office within a few days.”

In other news, Vice President Palin is returning to Washington six days earlier than scheduled from the African Union meeting in Khartoum. Unofficial sources close to the White House have said that Air Force Two is being escorted by long range Navy combat aircraft.

Her return is just one day after the African Union’s insistence that the “College of the Redeemer,” two educational facilities which opened earlier this year in Khartoum and Mogadishu by USAID, be closed, a demand supported by a number of NATO allies. It is hoped that the closure will soften the African Union’s demand for a reduction of US peace keepers in Darfur and slow the increasing number of recent attacks on peace keeper forces from both the refugee settlement there and the insurgents. The representatives of the African Union at the Khartoum meeting have placed the matter under advisement.

In New York, the Russian Federation’s UN Ambassador, Vitaly Schevshenko, has formally issued a statement reemphasizing his nation’s complete support for the African Union’s demands, telling CDN’s UN reporter, “Our friends in the region clearly have no interest in American soldiers, colonial oil schemes or religion. They know only too well the price they will pay for allowing those things. I hope all member states of the African Union know they do not face this latest American intervention alone.”

Meanwhile, House members of the Armed Forces and Foreign Relations Committees have unanimously voted to urge the President to withdraw US forces from the Darfur mission based on cost considerations as the US economy continues to worsen.

To other news, at the first official news conference on the destruction of the Cruiser USN Hampton and the Chevron tanker, Titan, in the Persian Gulf last week, a Navy spokesman released the initial results of the investigation.

“The explosion was a nuclear device targeting the Hampton. Titan was destroyed due to its proximity to the primary target. We now know that the device causing the explosion was not a missile or a weapon released from an aircraft, although its origin remains uncertain. Additional threats made by Sheik Kadid in the second video, released this week, are being studied by the Department of the Navy. Naval Intelligence is so far unable to determine if these videos were prepared by those responsible for the attack.”

White House reporters were not allowed questions at the briefing.

Finally, the Vice President’s policy advisor, Pastor Danny Truth, is being rushed to Washington for top level consultation with Sara Palin upon her return. White House spokeswoman, Lydia Blank, told reporters about the move today.

“Pastor Truth’s return to Washington at this time should encourage Americans. His attendance at the National Security Meeting next Tuesday indicates that the Vice President is considering all alternatives for the US response to the Gulf attack.”

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