Saturday, January 31, 2009

Astounding Republican Cosmic Physics Breakthrough!

Has the monied class devised a plan to actually remove money from this universe? 79

We’re talking “big picture” here. One day the stock market is sitting at 13,000, or so (DJA). A month or two later, it is parked solidly at around 8,000. So far, for most of us, we’re only talking numbers.

The first term, 13,000, implied that -- somehow -- the stock that people, retirement accounts, pensions and the like, owned, was worth a certain number of dollars. Granted, those of us watching television really didn’t know much more than that. The second term, 8,000, implied about the same thing, except by then the stock being owned by all these folks was only worth about two thirds of what it was, apparently, worth when the number was 13,000. Experts say that this difference in dollars is around $7 trillion.

All of that suggests that the old people (DJA = 13,000 = "old people") had less money, and that someone new (DJA = 8,000 = "new people") had more money. $7 trillion dollars worth of "new" money for the "new people." After all, even those of us who watch television know that money doesn't simply "vanish into thin air!"

Hold on for a minute. There are a couple of rather “sketchy” presumptions floating around by this time that need to be added to the mix. Presumptions floating around very suspiciously and very conveniently. In fact, floating alarmingly close to the impossible "vanish into thin air" idea.

The first suspicious and convenient presumption is that this stock market “value collapse” just “happened.” Yup. There were plenty of “reasons” floated, but as time went along and the number got worse, even they seemed to change. The first “reasons,” we were told, were actually caused by complicated things done by the next, unanticipated “reasons.” Suddenly, we were shocked -- again -- when we were told that the second bunch of “reasons” weren’t the “actual reasons” at all! The second bunch was, shockingly, caused by a third bunch of “reasons.” And so on.

As to the “just happened” part, we were told that all this, well, “just happened.” Like a sudden thunderstorm in the afternoon of a day that started out clear. You know. “Just happened.”

The second suspicious and convenient presumption is that all the “lost” money is, well, simply “lost.” That means that no one has it. It is lost, and, of course, it cannot never be “found.” “Lost” actually means more than stolen or misplaced. “Lost” means totally, eternally, inexplicably gone.

Hence, the physics breakthrough.

The Republicans and their ultra-intellectual friends (cronies) have successfully discovered new physics which made it possible for them to transport the “lost” money out of this universe!

Probably to “another universe” where no U.S. taxes are collected and where there is no extradition treaty. You know, “another universe” like Halliburton's new home or some place like that! Some other universe that is, well, shall we say, "off shore."

A recap:

Just like the unexpected "thunderstorm" in the afternoon of a day with a clear morning, the “reasons” that the stock market “value collapse” “just happened” is because the “lost” money just "vanished into thin air" when it was sent to “another universe” which is "off shore" where it can never be "found" and where there are no U.S. taxes collected and no extradition agreements.

That’s pretty darned easy for a physics lesson, isn’t it?

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