Thursday, July 16, 2009

Health Care: Legislative “Firepower”

A call to action.
“There’s nothing better for morale than superior firepower.” Major Gerson Subotky, U.S.M.C. (1961) 105

Many of the Congressmen and Senators -- from both parties -- are presently reporting that constituent contacts, that is, letters, emails and phone calls, are running roughly even “pro and con” on the issue of health care insurance reform. This may seem unlikely given highly reputable public opinion polls which show Americans in favor of the reform at above 70%. How can this be?

Are these legislators lying about the message from the public arriving in their offices and switchboards everyday? Probably not. Much more likely our fellow citizens are presuming too much “democracy” in action. Get over it.

What we see is not “democracy” in action at all. The debate is between every corporate interest group currently benefiting from the existing health care scam and a bankrupt, unserviced populous suffering from their parasitic greed. The executives of those “health care” corporations are now screaming for the Congressmen and Senators they have carefully purchased to come to their aid.

The Congressmen and Senators representing us need a heavy duty infusion of "firepower!" And they need it now. Call them! Email them! Give them some "firepower" so they can represent your interests! Visitors to MeanMesa need to find the time to add their two cents to stopping this gang rape. The alternative is to submit peacefully to another fifty years of passive slavery.

Those executives, through their business groups (called “health care gangs”) are spending a reported $1.2 million per day to keep those “voter” phone calls coming. For the mathematically challenged, that is $1,200,000 per day, $84,000,000 per week, $366,000,000 per month. Don't ever underestimate what nasty, little, greedy monsters these guys are. Don't ever even think about believing the crap they are pumping out through the rancid mouths of their trained monkeys like Fox, Limbaugh and O'Riley.

Their $350 million a month effort has already moved "single payer" off the table, but those in the legislature with enough common sense, decency and self-preservation are still -- sort of -- trying to get the "public option" for us. Forty "bought and paid for" Republicans think that they can still decide the future of the country, even after they have soiled themselves "sucking teat " in the Bush autocracy, lost two elections and revealed what crooks they actually are every day since then.

Gosh! Where did they get all that money? The fact is that they have gotten LOTS MORE than the little dab they are spending to keep their PR schemes going, and they have gotten all that money from your health insurance premiums! They are wallowing in the cash they make by denying claims and screwing everyone with a pre-existing condition. Some health insurance chief executives are getting more than a billion dollars -- $1,000,000,000 -- a year to run those companies.

Uh, did you think that was a good deal?

They are buying radio and television time to ply their lies about the reform idea. Their commercials -- always an appetizing treat to the bigots, hillbillies and other crooks -- are a constant stream of inflammatory deceptions.

“Do YOU want a federal bureaucrat between you and your doctor?”
“The public option will mean health care rationing -- you know, like France!”
“The SO-CALLED reform measures will mean long waiting lines while you are dying of fatal illnesses!”
“If all the poor people get health care, it will BANKRUPT the country!”
"Public health care never worked in the socialist, European countries that have already tried it!"

Well, those bigots, hillbillies and crooks are flooding the phone lines, citizen. They have no idea what they are doing. They are simply responding to the expensive, half-witted poison of the health care corporations.

If you want them to decide about your health care, just relax and they will. On the other hand, if you think we can do better than what we’re doing now, get your ass on the phone, the emails, talk to your neighbor, write a letter to the editor. The choice is to either continue to pay $10,000 a year to these shysters or go without a chance of help if you get sick. Make your choice. You can sit there accepting the “bargain price” of whatever you’re paying now for the rest of your life -- by the way, health coverage costs are increasing steadily at the rate of 8% per year. But, even that is no problem if your wages are increasing at a higher rate. Uh, wait a minute, are they?

You can keep on “tempting fate” with the hope that you will never get sick. You can “man up” and “tough out” that heart attack or cancer or the little tumor which will take your house and bankrupt you. Does that sound like a good plan?

Then, DO NOTHING, and that’s what you’ll get.

Jump out of MeanMesa this instant! Call your Congressmen and Senators. Act in your own interest. You have the time to be a good citizen.

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