Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great News from OUTER SPACE to MeanMesa!

What Else Is America Doing?

While the hill billies and bigots promote the sleazy distraction of their legislative health care cock fight, our country's more important work -- thankfully, done with far cooler minds -- also proceeds all around the planet. MeanMesa visitors share a common amazement at just how much a few incredible lies and other mischief can bloat the dead elephant already languishing in our swamp. Whew. That smell is getting nasty! One might think that the entire United States has nothing else to do but mortify itself with an endless stream of carefully crafted rantings of a few medievalist neo-cons.

Well, MeanMesa visitors, relax and enjoy an incredible "win" that is just now rolling in from outer space. Remember outer space -- even low Earth orbit? That's where industrious, well educated Americans have placed and maintained the Hubble Telescope. Those geeky types have done this amazing thing with our tax money! Of course, it wasn't cheap. On the other hand, it is one damned glorious accomplishment. The United States didn't do it all by ourselves, but we certainly carried most of the water, did most of the heavy lifting, well, you get the idea.

Five hundred years ago the neo-cons of the day were ripping arms and legs off people who dared think that this planet orbited the Sun instead of vice versa. Now we're snapping photos of galaxies five billion light years away.

With the new equipment just installed by our orbital space fleet and our brave astronauts, this baby can "see" more than halfway to the edge of everything! Some of the newest pictures are posted right here on MeanMesa for you to enjoy. (Google is chuck full of links to more beautiful shots of the cosmos. The links to these photos are below each one.)


So, MeanMesa visitors and fellow tax paying Americans, the next time you hear some water fountain cynic say that we are no better than the Taleban, well, remember the pictures.

Damn! This is a great country!

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