Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Caution, Conflict & Cultural Codependency

Analyzing the criticism of, well, EVERYTHING!

Egad! Critics like crickets! Literally clouds of critics have emerged from the shadows, all breathlessly repeating tiresome talking points of questionable origin, all asking rhetorical questions as if there were some kernel of originality in them. The "Cloud of Crickets" includes an unsettling array of previously progressive pundits and radio hosts of the ilk of Ron Reagan, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann and others, all willy nilly and hair aflame, mysteriously eager to rehash the drivel from the GOP again and again as if it were a matter of substance.

Obama's Afghanistan Strategy

criticized by 10,000 expert civilians with no "dog in the fight"

Aside from the dismal lack of originality, this strange appetite to join the chorus of lemmings puzzles MeanMesa. Nary a word of support or encouragement, it seems, can be spared for the President or the strategies. Only puerile outrage seems to meet the test of opinions negative enough that they are fit to be held. In the case of Afghanistan, the only grumbling accessions are driveling in from war-mongering Republicans -- many of whom sport handfuls of deferments from military service.

Notwithstanding, of course, that Obama continues to deliver on his campaign promises. Arrangements for the final extraction of US forces in Iraq have been scheduled, agreed upon by all parties and initiated. Unhappily, that was a few weeks ago -- far too long to count or, apparently, to persevere in the "marble in a mayonaise jar" mentality of these erstwhile liberals. Now, the only possible position, it seems, for a respectable progressive to hold is one of outrage that the President has not immediately withdrawn all forces from Afghanistan.

Yikes! So much for "stay the course." No mind. In a few days, dare we expect that these same forward thinking liberals will be chanting "cut and run" or "they hate our freedom" or some other such nonsense? Too many of us foolishly believed that all we ever really had to do was elect someone besides George Bush, that, once that change was accomplished, the entire world would lend every assistance to responsibly reversing all of his dreadful decisions which inserted us into these calamities in the first place.

To "ice the cake," the most psycho "hate America" Republicans have seeded the discussion with their own special toxin -- that was to be expected from the likes of them, but to have otherwise rational progressives take it up, plastering those nasty, half witted slogans like cheap wall paper across all the air waves? MeanMesa has actually "tuned out" some of these whimpering ninnies, a bit of a notable event given our habitual thirst for their normally progressive opinions.

Half-Baked, Half-Witted, Half-Truths about Afghanistan

You're Supposed to Take Seriously

1. "Our military doesn't know what the mission is. They don't know what they're doing over there."

Everyone in the United States military knows what they are doing. It's called "following orders." When anyone doesn't know what they're supposed to be doing, there are always the General Orders. Included in the General Orders is "Follow Orders."

In a theater of war, everyone knows pretty much why he is there and what he is supposed to be doing.

2. "Karzai can't be trusted to be a good partner in our counter insurgency operations. He is a crook."

Probably true, but this doesn't make the US mission in Afghanistan impossible. It only makes it harder. What would these loud mouthed whiners propose? Shoot the guy and replace him with someone from the CIA? Someone from the GOP?

Wars are like that. If you're in one, lots of better choices are simply not available. Armies are like that, too. They will do what they will do. Opinions from soft couches thousands of miles away mean disappointedly little.

3. "It will be just like Viet Nam or Iraq. It will be an endless war, and we will be hopelessly quagmired in it."

Take note: The Commander in Chief of the Afghanistan operation is Barack Obama. He has a pretty good reputation of taking things seriously and not being corrupt or thoughtless. Our national leadership during Viet Nam and Iraq was so dismally bad -- spelled p-o-l-i-t-i-c-a-l -- to have made us believe that we can never win anything anywhere. ever again. All the civilians who are afraid that this will happen again should try to remember that we have one hell of a smart President in charge and that 100,000 man American military army has one hell of a lot of fire power.

Ever notice that there is almost never any news about killing any enemies? The neo-con networks are locked on US casualties exclusively. No wonder no one thinks we can win.

To repeat the W's "Church of Death," you need a W. We have an Obama.

4. "Obama promised to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he's sending more troops. We're screwed. We've been lied to."

The W took the "down elevator" for eight years, sponsoring every kind of corrupt scandal he could dream up with his "crime family" cronies. Now, the elevator is going back up. Even though we realize that we started at the 1,245th basement level in January 2009, who in hell expected to be in the penthouse by this time? MeanMesa thinks Obama is "delivering the goods" even faster than he promised during the campaign.

There is apparently no speed of "delivering the goods" which can satisfy the "progressives'" codependent demand for no risk, no delay and complete control. Wha-a-a-a.

Grow up and get real. Apparently, there just didn't seem to be a war which could satisfy you.

5. "The Taliban can't be beaten. They hide among civilians and play dirty, blow stuff up, behead people. The war is too expensive."

The President will secure American interests in the region. The neo-cons keep harping about winning, hoping everyone has forgotten Iraq. News networks keep trotting out people like John McCain, pretending that they know something special about making war. Huh?

The critics keep wailing about deficits and costs hoping that everyone has forgotten about the $10,000,000,000,000 (ten trillion) hole the W thrashed through like an out of control crack head. Most of the bitchiest neo-cons were sitting in the Congress, nodding "yes," while the trucks full of cash headed for Texas. Most of the draft dodging war hawks are hoping that we have forgotten the half-witted Secretary of Defense who kept sending troops to Iraq without what they needed to fight.

The real appetite which is being revealed by all this "sincere concern" for the nation, is a monument to American Cultural Codependency. These allegedly "sincere" panty-waists want guarantees about everything! They think that we can accomplish everything we set out to accomplish without any risk whatsoever. If we apply stimulus to the economy, there should be total certainty that everything will return to normal in no time, If we send troops to Afghanistan, there must be a victory parade just like the one through Paris! If we lower carbon dioxide emissions by 5%, we must be able to see a concrete benefit! If that doesn't happen, it can only mean that everything isn't sufficiently under control!

These idiots don't even care what happens to the country -- they only want to stake out some turf for their defeatist complaints. Yuck.

Zowee! After all, Obama PROMISED US! Obama is trying to TRICK US! We're being LIED TO!

Don't get sick! MeanMesa thinks this might be contagious.

Compliments to the President. Keep going. We'll follow.

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