Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Christmas Gift from MeanMesa!

The "Palin-Beck" bumper sticker is provided here for a free download and print to all MeanMesa visitors.

However, a note of caution is in order. MeanMesa posted the new bumper sticker right next to a proudly displayed Obama Biden sticker on the passenger window of the old Plymouth van, immediately heading out into Albuquerque traffic to see just how the new idea would play with passers-by.

Right away, drivers glanced at the thing, then glanced again, then broke into a broad smile -- in one case, a previously distraught mother with a car filled with boisterous children burst into laughter!

The test was complete! Not only was the new sticker able to elicit wide public support, it had actualized its spiritual responsibilities, too! Anything political which can inspire outright guffaws amid the hurly-burly distractions of downtown traffic must be cast in the right line indeed!

Then, the unavoidable. The gigantic four wheel drive crew cab slipped effortlessly into the adjacent lane as we waited together for one of New Mexico's infamously out of synch traffic lights. The passenger side electric window descended with the silent power one would expect from a V-8 monster.

The middle aged man at the wheel peered across his luxurious cab with a serious, yet still ridiculously condescending expression.

"Guess you seen the light, huh. Better git thet Obama sticker off'a there before stuff starts gettin' serious."

Yup, there's still plenty of work to do. Have fun and be safe!

Happy Holidays!

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