Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copenhagen Confusion?

The "Climate Summit:" What exactly did we expect?

First MeanMesa suggests that we simply eliminate the constant critcism of the President from the right-wing lunatics. Because their masters own the national media, those already irrelevant losers never have to actually compete for the national microphones -- all they need to do is simply keep talking, saying the same things to the same audience.


On the other hand, some more serious observers have also had little positive to say about the outcome of the Copenhagen meetings. It isn't difficult to see that these folks, while not particularly negative about specifics, remain fundamentally discouraged that more was not accomplished by the heads of state in the Denmark meeting.

MeanMesa finds itself confronted with an unsettling question. What could have happened in Copenhagen to encourage the sincere climate people to have had a more positive view?

A step seems to be missing. There don't really seem to be any workable proposals on the table! The "Climate Summit" cannot simply continue to be a open-ended explanation that the entire world is almost certainly screwed! That climatological conditions are degrading in serious ways day by day!

Al Gore pretty well accomplished this educational/warning phase of the work with his film and lectures. University professors have done their part in painting how bleak the picture may be. A few, mature governments have already taken some small preliminary steps to "clean up their own backyards."

The next step will signal Childhood's End. It will be accomplished when far more binding, concrete proposals about rectifying the situation begin to emerge. We will be able to see this because proposals of that nature will include commitments of a scope which signal real sacrifice. The days when we could continue to fool ourselves with the idea that correcting this mess would be painless are, most likely, distant memories.

If we, as planetary citizens, are actually prepared to continue to the next step, we should be seeing some rather sweeping proposals appear in our media -- ooops, maybe on the net. Our corporate media has abandoned us, again, on this issue. In fact, when we add to that suspicious silence the non-participation of our cynical politicians, the outlook gets even worse.

The "mistake" these sincere but disgruntled climate observers may be making is one of perspective. It seems that, when we consider them individually, each has his own "favorite cure" for what ails us. This leads many of them to act in ways similar to the useless, inactive politicians!

Too many of the environmentalists seem to be most interested in promoting their own solutions -- specific investments in which they have a common interest. When none of these are being selected for huge public money programs, they convince the rest of us that nothing effective is being done. MeanMesa isn't convinced. MeanMesa is confused.

In fact, the American promise to help out to the tune of billions of dollars provided to poor countries feeling the first bites of this calamity are probably a good idea, but -- well, is there anyone else out there who is curious about what kinds of things that money is supposed to support? Has anyone seen any convincing plans being made?

MeanMesa is, however, convinced that the program to save the planet should move forward. In fact, MeanMesa is actually convinced that neither the participants in the Copenhagen meeting or the dissatisfied environmentalists with their dismal comments have many good ideas about how to solve this!

It will be an incredibly large, incredibly expensive undertaking to reverse what we have done here.
The plan isn't drawing the necessary public support because there has not been enough planning to make tax payers comfortable that the project might ever possibly succeed. As far as the government goes, it still amounts to political cyanide.

Collapsing all this bad news to a single talking point, we can say that there has not been sufficient, credible MANAGEMENT applied so far. Instead of moving ahead to some believable management ideas, we seem to have gotten stuck on simply continuing to present more and more horrifying details about how dire the threat is becoming.

Enough fear mongering! Egad. You'd think we were Republicans or something!
They are so far out of the picture at this point, there is little reason to even discuss how they might help.

MeanMesa visitors interesting in examining the management and planning we should be investing in right about now, please read through "Managing Global Warming Solutions," a paper posted about 18 months ago on this blog. The link below will connect you to that posting.

Please note the exact title -- MANAGING Global Warming Solutions. This post speaks very little about precisely what those solutions might be, but a great deal about how we will MANAGE the development and implementation of a plan. It is time to begin collecting some serious data and making some serious plans for the program.

Confusion and bitching are probably not going to cut it.

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