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Keep 'Em Terrified -- Passing the Torch

Handing the Franchise to the Next Generation

MeanMesa is pleased to present a brief fiction in hopes that it might provide a glimpse "behind the scenes" of what every talk show host and television pundit hopes will be the next "burning question of the day." Yes, we're talking GAYS IN THE MILITARY!

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If it is likely that you might find this post upsetting, perhaps you might "warm up" with that older one, that is, so to speak, innoculate yourself from being shocked here by toughing up a little with that previous one. It is from the MeanMesa "Lipstick" series...

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The Family Fishing Trip

The two men walked carefully down the embankment to the edge of the lake. An outside observer would immediately assume that the scene was one of sheer bucolic serenity occupied by a grandfather and grandson sharing a pleasant afternoon at a favorite fishing hole.

The older gentleman was none other than The Reverend Jeremiah Rockston Bigotus III. The younger was, of course, Jeremiah Rockston Bigotus IV, an ambitious lad intent on following in the footsteps of his grandfather and the family tradition. Now, Bigotus III had made a significant name for himself as the founder, and later, as spiritual leader of the Blood of Christ Church of Perpetual Hate, one of the financial foundation columns supporting the Southern Baptist "Old Rugged Cross" Convention.

The old man's namesake, the grandson, Bigotus IV, had just graduated from a combo dirty shirt preacher and barber college in the deep South. The role of guide and leader of the congregation was to be passed to the younger man. The grandfather had re-calibrated his own aims for the remainder of his life to authoring a book (penned by a ghost writer, of course -- the old man's literacy was questionable) and making a few "cameo appearances" on right wing news broadcasts where he could apply his deep knowledge of Biblical principles to controversial news stories.

However, the conversation to occur on this afternoon fishing junket was to be a bit more, well, frank concerning the operation of the church and even reaching so far as the most fundamental aspects of the philosophy of the Perpetual Hate ministry itself.

"Son," the old man began, "you're gonna be takin' the ministry into some dangerous, uncharted waters. On account of that, you gotta be real clear about exactly what's important and what ain't.

"That high fallooting Bible college done taught you everything you're ever gonna need to know about the Scriptures alright, but there's a bunch of other stuff you're gonna have to handle that's way beyond a few 'cookie cutter' sin and damnation sermons."

The younger man looked up at his grandfather's face, now silhouetted by the mid day sun. "What do you mean, Grandpa? That the scriptures ain't enough?"

"Well sort of, son. Them scriptures are for the lay people, nice and simple with plenty of threats about hell and stuff. However, in this day and age, sin's running faster than the quickest Gospel preacher can keep up with. One thing is the damned homosexual agenda. Them queers are creeping over the barricades like cock roaches running from a burning stove." the old man began.

"This here is one place where us God fearin' folk can even agree with the damned Papist dogs. Both of us can see where this thing's going' if it gets any further out of control. You've probably already figured out that we run our business on controlling sex and firin' up the fear of death. Them queers are fixin' to wreck our whole sex control franchise, and that there is one of the main money makers in our business of savin' souls."

"Preachers like me have devoted years to get this thing going real good. We worked hard to finally done get Texans printin' most of the public school textbooks. We got stay at home moms turning their kids into hateful, God fearin' bigots in their home school living rooms. There's lots of ways that old desert fairy tale has turned into a real money maker for folks who know how to do it, you know, folks like us."

"We spent a pile of good money to throw that election they was havin' in California. Even though God hates both Mormons and Catholics, we was able to work together to stop the faggots. That there, you know, California, is what happens when fallen parents let the boys start migratin' away from our favorite Bible stuff, you know, Leviticus and Revelations, 'n start turnin' into Libertines or Babylonians and the like. All them California boys what thought being queer was alright just never had enough of the Old Testament rammed down their sinful little throats."

"Now, we already done a lot to squash all these queers, but they just seem to keep jumping out everywhere. We built up the rumors that they ate human feces and had wet dreams of stealin' little boys for their damned twisted sex stuff. We worked 'specially hard to get the military thing goin' -- the military readiness and unit cohesion stuff."

"Naturally, we got a lot of them wing nut Generals while they was still kids in our Sunday schools. Hell, half of them hear the voice of Jesus himself every time they dump another load of bombs on them nonbelievers. We got lots of folks, high officers, too, in places like the Air Force Academy dishin' this stuff out faster than communion wafers on a flood day! Thanks to the literacy rates of the boys goin' into the military -- all a product of the hard work we done dumbin' down the public schools -- they're carving Bible passages on the sights of their rifles."

"Plus, all these little Sunday School grads are terrified of gays just like they was Satan himself. Why, we've done everything we could to make sure that unit cohesion would fall apart if any of the queers ever come out while they was in the service. Holy Christ! The non-believin' enemies we got fired up don't even need to torture our Christian boys! All they got to do is make 'em stand around naked for a day or two and the little darlings will fall apart like cheap margarine in a Oklahoma summer."

"Stuff like that will get your congregation all fired up, too. You can tell 'em in your sermon, then ask for special offerings -- oh yeah, and special prayers and the like -- to defeat the enemies of Our Lord and retake Jerusalem. The weird stuff them non-believers just do naturally is always enough for a special offering. When your congregation gets  good and scared, you can up the donations even more."

"Like I always say, 'Make hay while the sun shines.' "

"And don't forget the wimmen folk, neither. Them little ladies is simple creatures, and we spent lots of effort gettin' them scared as hell of the faggots. They know that God only made one, single place for them penises to go, and anything else is just asking for it. You gotta' push that point every Sunday. The wimmen folk won't swing the ax for killin' queers, but they'll be the ones t'git their hubbies ready to do it."

"Hell! More than that, too! We set it up so's all them believers gonna have to deal with one of our weddings or deal with burning in hell. Those marriages may be a pain in the ass, but they put some real cash into the church coffers over the lifetimes of them couples."

"Ain't nothin' better than lots of kids to fill up them pews. Faggot boys ain't gonna help you do that. Boy, you do a nice marriage on a breeding pair 'n they gonna reward you with plenty of faces all through them pews, donatin' every Sunday."

"It may look like free money, but it ain't. It's our business."

"God gave us a franchise on queers, baby killers and gun control to keep this thing on the tracks. If anyone looks like they gonna' permanently solve any of them three things, you gotta' stop 'em. Otherwise, folks'll lose interest. Then what are ya' gonna' leave for your own kids? That's why God don't like homos in the military, 'n don't you ever forgit it."

"Ain't nothin' better than a congregation pumped to the gunwales on self-righteousness.  Everybody knows that us Christians are better than the homos on account that they're disgusting and we're not."

"Keep that flock scared as hell, disgusted, self-righteous and angry and you'll do fine. Always remember that so long as those collection plates keep comin' back full, our Church of Perpetual Hatred will continue to serve the souls of our little flock, you know, doin' God's work."

Okay, MeanMesa visitors, try to remember just exactly how much credibility all the "little boy" gay freak out crap actually has. We're still dealing with  something just like a vacuous corporate influence every time the generals pipe up with their threats of military collapse, except this "corporation" exists beyond even the casino mentality of Wall Street. It lives on fairy tales.

We can either have a grotesque, mythological adherence to some desert fairy tale from forty centuries past or we can have a modern military consistent with our truly American ideals.

It's not a matter of mindlessly applying some aging morality play. It is a matter of conscience and being.

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