Thursday, March 18, 2010

MeanMesa is BACK ON LINE!

After being completely out of touch for a week, a quick note of explanation is necessary for all the great MeanMesa visitors who have been wondering about what happened to our blog.  This particular story, although a heart wrenching repetition of all sorts of other embarrassing geriatric computer mistakes which have littered MeanMesa's otherwise glorious past, must be told here.

For all those with a similarly protracted life experience (that is, old), this can serve as quiet reassurance.  For the younger ones, it can reinforce their uncertain adolescent superiority about such things.

The entire story is as follows:

Although I have been ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN from ever updating my fantastic Linux system, I accidentally "nicked" the Update Manager Icon.  Reeling in geriatric horror at what I had done,  I immediately slammed the window closed!

Unhappily, the thing had already begun to update several critical parts of the system.  Being closed suddenly had produced some incomplete updates, and in no time, MeanMesa's Galactic Headquarters found itself ignominiously isolated from all access to modern technology.  Ech-ch-ch.  The unfairness of it all!

In the words of the Most Holy Messenger, Ashiata Sheimash, it was undeniably a case of the Terror of the Moment.

Enter MeanMesa's heroic IT guy, Dave.  Literally in moments after a seemingly endless week of teeth gnashing and other bitching, we returned to life.

Our IT Guy, Dave, as we see him. 

Our IT Guy, Dave, as YOU MIGHT SEE HIM.

He is incredibly smart, very pleasant to work with -- never gloating or scolding  the geezer and an over all great guy.  And, by the way, for all of MeanMesa's single women visitors, he's available.

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