Monday, April 26, 2010

An "Adjustment" to the Map of the, uh, 49 States

MeanMesa visitors are accustomed to viewing the old style US maps where the states of the CONTINENTAL US, along with Alaska and Hawaii, were clearly shown in various colors.  For the education-challenged "hill billies and bigots," Alaska and Hawaii are not actually located in the South Central Pacific or, as they are sometimes shown, as a part of Mexico.

Because of this acquired habit of constantly referring to the old "50 states"  as comprising the States of the United States -- even accommodating the confusing placement of, as we mentioned, Alaska and Hawaii in a more convenient location providing a graphic "shortcut" which allowed the resulting maps not to be fifteen feet across East to West, MeanMesa felt obliged to "jump into the fray," as it were, to provide a new, adjusted map.  After all, not to "toot our own horn" too loudly, MeanMesa enjoys a notable reputation as a formidable graphics expert.

So, with a mere flick of our expert graphics capability, we have produced a replacement map.  The title of the new map will be "The 49 States of  the Constitutional United States," and this wonderful new map will show all the Constitutional States which are left after the old State of Arizona opted out of the Constitutional group.

Feel free to download the new map.  It can be "pasted" right over the old version which might be hanging in public school classrooms or US Post Offices.

To make the "modernization" easier to understand, a now obsolete version of the old map is included in the MeanMesa graphic.

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