Saturday, April 3, 2010

A MeanMesa "Quickie" - Are There Taliban Casualties?

MeanMesa, enjoying the perspective available only to those of us with enough decades behind us to remember the outrageous "body counts" our Defense Department was constantly "trotting out" almost daily during the Viet Nam War, notices the rather sinister and possibly well designed reluctance of the corporate media seems to exhibit on the same subject as they report evens from Afghanistan.  The trick worked well enough back in the '70's -- that is, until the American "news consumer" began to realize that the "enemy" there had almost lost more troops than they had people in their entire population.

This isn't to say that US forces fighting in that war didn't wreak mortal havoc on the "insurgents" from the North -- ooops, they lived there.  Oh well, during those heady times, the cynical pall of another American "victory" was far more important than the presentation of any actual facts about what was happening.

Domestic politics was everything.  Facts took a distant second.

However, those pesky "media designers" running the alphabet outfits' "news shows" (and, of course, the fair and balanced Faux "News" and Fear Carnival) have now learned a new trick.  See, they remain a little gun shy about just how soiled their credibility became during Viet Nam.

It's simply too hard to sell the latest heart attack and depression pills when no one takes the little dab of heavily biased information presented between the commercials seriously.

So now, as we watch the coverage of what is happening in Helmund and Kandahar, we focus exclusively on only our own casualties.  The few and sketchy reports about totals of enemy dead seem to only be added as "icing on the cake" when civilians have been accidentally killed.  Uh, American, it seems, just aren't that comfortable with the realities which inevitably emerge when there are thousands of soldiers and marines hammering away on the competition.

Those would be the realities of war fare and combat.

Don't kid yourselves.  Your signature is on the death certificate of every one of those Taliban corpses just as much as it is on the death certificates of the Americans coming home in body bags.

Oh gosh.  Is MeanMesa exaggerating again?

Sample a few corporate media "news" reports on the conduct of the conflict, and form your own opinion.

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