Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A MeanMesa "Quickie" - Go Ahead and Wake up the Baby

On 9/11 MeanMesa was only just beginning to understand that the resident of the White House was, indeed, a very suspicious man.  In a rented van moving from San Diego to Albuquerque, dragging the old Colt Vista 15 miles per hour up and down the mountains, there was plenty -- perhaps, too much, time to reflect on the events in the nation.

Of course, after watching the autocrat in action in the following dismal months and years, that suspicion grew into a state of near terror for the future of the country.

Days or weeks later when the predictable conspiracy theories first arose, it was easy enough to dismiss them as "old men arguing with the wind."   There were plumbers and truck drivers ranting and railing about complicated structural details, time lines, weird comments from first hand witnesses -- it was a carnival of marginally founded paranoia.

At the time, MeanMesa was solidly anchored on only two FACTS.  The value of yet another opinion about whether or not a plane load of jet fuel could melt steel beams and girders was nil, far beyond what any evidence available to us could  have rationally supported or discredited.  A "sort of convincing" set of facts about that sort of thing -- facts about the details of the explosions and the buildings -- appeared to be way too political and not sufficiently empirical to make much of an upset reasonable.

Yet, there remained the two FACTS.  


First, the American people -- including MeanMesa -- didn't trust George W. Bush any more than he trusted us.

Second, the American people -- including MeanMesa -- didn't believe the story we were getting.  We didn't know the FACTS about 9/11, but we knew that we weren't able to swallow what we had been told.

That was then.  This is now.

The "conspiracy people" have not been resting.  With the formation of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a painstaking and penetrating investigation has been underway every day since then.  In spite of an immense -- and, apparently actual conspiracy on the part of the autocracy -- this group has consistently been extracting one damning FACT after another from what little evidence was available.

MeanMesa will not launch into another exhausting "refresher course" to present all this material here.  BUT, if you were, perhaps, a little skeptical when the first wave of 9/11 revelations were trotted out among the great unwashed  masses (non-engineers), then settled into a convenient kind of neglected acceptance that the affair was over when the furor died away a bit, it's time to rethink your position.

The current body of evidence has advanced far beyond what can be dismissed.  Anyone who thinks this might be an exaggeration should find a few minutes to visit the Architects and Engineers site to see what has been discovered.  For a quick sample, thermite has been detected in a large presence throughout samples of the dust.  By whom?  

Try the EPA and FEMA, for starters.  It gets worse from there.

The President, faced with trying to run a country already inflamed to the brink of being at civil war with itself, very reasonably declined to drag this dead cat out into the light.  There were too many other pressing matters for him to address. 

However, the smell is getting a little too rancid.  It's probably time to wake the baby.

The criminals who pretty clearly put this nasty scheme together shouldn't be granted asylum in the basement of the W's "Church of Death."

Tune in ... find out ... wake up.

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