Friday, April 30, 2010

A MeanMesa "Quickie" - Tax Cuts or Photos From Space?

Senator Barney Frank once commented "I have never seen a tax cut repair a bridge."

Well, all the cash we Americans spent repairing and maintaining the Hubble Space Telescope has certainly produced momentous results.  Just think, instead of getting this "bird's eye" glimpse of a distant nebula cranking out new stars, we could have cut taxes!

Not to get too political amid such galactic beauty, we can still remember that OUR Hubble telescope could have been completely paid for with the tax subsidy we gave to Exxon in a single year!  

Don't get "sideswiped" by all the neo-con drivel about money wasted and money well spent.  Plus, pictures of nebulae aren't really worth that much when one believes that the Earth was created six thousand years ago.

The photo -

Courtesy of Scientific American:

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