Friday, May 7, 2010

Gay Bashing Baptist Bigot Bangs Rent Boy - Curious?

 Although the high ideals of MeanMesa's editorial policy would normally have nothing to say concerning bizarre sexual peccadillos, this latest episode of the high and holy begs to be an exception.  Rather than plummet down to the "hunting grounds" of this rigidly biblical, anti-gay, dirty shirt preacher -- a co-founder of Family Research Council, along with the heavily soiled Reverend James Dobson of Focus on the Family fame -- MeanMesa is offering a few interesting links.

Should this story violate your parochial appetites, just relax and wait for the next great post on this blog.  If your curiosity goes even beyond the links provided, you can visit the super hot RENT BOYS site where where Reverend Reker found his, uh, lovely young Lucien.

Hypocrisy hunting can be fun...

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