Friday, May 21, 2010

Making Baltimore Into Bangkok

MeanMesa can see that the shabbily veiled ultimate profit line for miscreant losers such as Rush, Sean, Cheney and the "Boner" apparently rests squarely with the instigation of a civil war.  How else can our nation be cleansed of the liberal residue of  


and all the other liberal contamination which has crept into the country's politics?

Grumble, grumble.

Well, we enjoy a very literal, blood soaked example of exactly where  such an unexamined ambition might lead us.  The very questionable government of Thailand, already heavily soiled as the enduring product of a military coup, has finally opened fire on the protesters who have been demanding a real election.

At this writing there are around seventy of them known to be dead from rifle wounds inflicted by the Thai army.

However, this posting is not particularly about events in Thailand.  Instead, MeanMesa would like to present a few observations about the media fraud which seems intent on producing similar results here in the United States.  Still skeptical?  Take the test. 

Tune in for a few minutes of Rush's blathering about the "deadly, America wrecking liberals."  The $ size of his contract is determined by how much mistrust and division he succeeds in sowing among his regular listeners.  Further, if Rush "sticks in your throat," simply listen to what is presented as "news" on the corporate networks.

The Corporate Media Fraud in this case is one of innuendo.  The unexamined idea interposed in every single statement of what passes as network news implies that a civil war in the United States could be compared to similarities of what is transpiring in Thailand in the following way.

Who will be the insurgents?

Why, of course, the liberals would have to be the insurgents and the "ultra patriotic" neo-cons would be the forces of order -- you know, the ones with the rifles.  How else could it possibly be?  In Thailand, an alleged majority of Thai citizens are siding with the government, most likely because they are freaked out about their fellow Thais being gunned down in the streets.

But wait.  Who, precisely, is the national majority?

The Sunni Baathists in Iraq were conveniently convinced by the dictator that they comprised a majority of Iraqis, a ruse which somewhat validated their reactionary violence to keep the marauding "minority" Shi'ites at bay.  Actually, the Sunni represented only around a quarter of the Iraqi population while the Shi'ites represented a 60% majority.

Likewise, regardless of all their gaseous proclamations to the contrary, the neo-cons are a distinct minority in the current U.S. political climate.  Oh sure, Senator McChinless rails on endlessly about "Thu 'Merican people has spoke," but talk is one thing and votes are another.

MeanMesa thinks that the American population is strongly committed to progressive ideas -- everything from the public option to combating climate change.  We'll just take our chances on that assessment being right.  Everyone is totally tired of being painted as free market junkies by the media frauds.

Then, there is also the already deflating gas bag concerning "unleashin' thu Tea Baggers!"  Estimates on the total number of Tea Baggers who are still fit enough to vote without the aid of a walker is around 10,000.  Rush, Sean and Cheny -- if any of them had ever actually served in the military -- might conclude that these Social Security receiving, bitching chorus squawkers would probably be somewhat lacking as a "shock wave" strike force for their civil war wet dream.

Whose "ox has been gored?"

With super cunning neo-con banksters holding 60% of the nation's wealth while the remainder of the population staggers forth in survival mode, it might be a case of "heavy lifting" to paint the neo-cons as belabored, long suffering, disenfranchised second class citizens.

Oh sure, these throw backs control the Supreme Court and the corporate media machines, but, once the bullets start flying, those assets may be quickly forgotten.  The media fraud has gone to great lengths to imply that the military would blindly come to the aid of the neo-cons, but the unsettling fact is that six times as many of the active troops contributed to the Obama campaign compared to the war mongering geezer we have been convinced would be their anticipated  choice.

Finally, when considered on an individual basis, which side would enjoy the greatest energy and commitment should such strife actually begin?

If it is a matter of complaining, screaming and making semi-literate protest signs, the Tea Baggers might do well enough.  On the other hand, all those Sundays of long walks to knock on doors during the campaign suggest that maybe the progressives are in better shape.

The neo-cons rushed the gun shops, blathering about a "take over."  They emptied the shelves of ammunition, baked beans and battery powered lanterns.  The corporate media fraud intended to intimidate us with relentless "news" stories about how well armed and crazy the neo-con reactionaries were.


Bring 'em on.

MeanMesa suspects that there is, indeed, a "sleeping tiger" lurking among the voters.  However, MeanMesa also suspects that this "politician munching kitty" does not represent a tidal wave of neo-cons.  Only the Republicans continue to exhaust themselves trying frantically to believe that they still enjoy some sort of a majority among the electorate.

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