Monday, May 24, 2010

A MeanMesa "Quickie" - Iran, the Fountain of Evil?

Achhh.  It is the tale of two countries ... the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran.  One of them, the Bright City on the Hill and a nuclear super power, was eager, in the past, to shred the democratically elected government of the other one to violently replace it with a royal autocrat who would willingly sell every drop of oil to the West.

Uh, Mr. Palavi, if you want to be the Great Shah that will be fine -- just remember the oil, please.  By the way, help yourself to a few dozen of our finest F-15's.

Uh, we also realize that it may be necessary to establish the deadly Savak and tear the arms and legs off a few folks to keep our oil scheme on the tracks.

Uh, it's also no surprise to us that all the Shah's relatives and friends have prospered magnificently, turning the forlorn desert into a green paradise of "free market" "Capitalism" where matters of competition are quickly decided by the Savak's "death squads."  Who could question the value of a few tortured relatives dumped in the gutter in front of one's house compared to a vast, neo-conservative style wet dream?

Oooops.  All the Shah's non-friends and non-relatives grew tired of being savaged day after day.  Who?  You know, the "axis of evil" crowd who "hate our freedom."  OMG!  This nobody Muslim preacher who has been hiding out in Paris has SHUT OFF OUR OIL!

Meanwhile, the super power "elects" a thinly disguised Baptist draft dodger and a corporate oil crony to be "President."  In the next chapter of the story, the super power gives poison gas to a nearby dictator, encouraging him to start an incredibly bloody war to depose the "Nobody Muslim preacher" and get the oil flow "back on track."

Chevron smiled with eager glee with such a reassuring development.  A "thank you" card was immediately dispatched to the CIA.

Predictably, this turned into a bit of a "PR Problem" in the Islamic Republic for the super power.  The autocrat in charge of the super-power, unhappily, had a lingering reputation of being in charge of  the "gang who couldn't shoot straight," so the situation went from bad to worse.  The decision was made that, since Chevron would not be able to get the Iranian oil, it would be necessary to "liberate" the oil of Iran's neighbor.

The next step for the draft dodgers in charge of the super power was to repeatedly threaten to nuke Iran.  The "PR Problem" got even worse.

Although the new government of the "Nobody Muslim Preacher from Paris" had started out as a fairly populist outfit, under this recurring threat from the draft dodgers running the super power, things in Iran gradually became more and more reactionary.

By the way, the super power had dispatched two huge armies to Iran's closest neighboring countries where they were both "liberating all the misplaced oil" and making the "world safe for freedom."  When the neo-conservative "wet dream" which had initially justified all this nonsense finally collapsed into an unsustainable, gaseous lie, the whole mess had to be turned over to the "next guy."

The next step for the neo-cons was to begin criticising the "next guy" for not immediately making sense out of this horrible, embarrassing mess.

For those who might be interested in a more in depth discussion of the history of the current situation, please link to MeanMesa's archives.

This is a "high stakes" game.  Because of that, this is a time to back up President Obama's efforts to settle the disaster the W started.  The alternative will be yet another Middle East war.

Stay informed.
Stay involved.
Remember what it means to be an American citizen.  We are responsible for everything we do, everyone we kill, everything we steal and whether or not we want friends and honor or just more profits.

MeanMesa's compliments to the President.

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