Thursday, May 6, 2010

A MeanMesa "Quickie" - Let's Visit the Border

One of the great Spanish language television stations in Albuquerque (Univision/Telefutura, Cable Ch.14) broadcast the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" last week. (A 2004 film directed by Roland Emmerich) Of course, MeanMesa was "glued to the tube" for another chance to add a few more words to a faltering effort to speak the language.

When a movie, originally created in English, is dubbed into Spanish, a wonderful educational opportunity emerges.   Far removed from the usual mind numbing repetition of language text books, such a film is an action packed, full speed challenge to match the lines in the English version with those in the Spanish version.  But, this post is not about education...

The film portrays a massive environmental disaster where super cells open vertical columns of atmosphere to the ultra-cold air in the stratosphere.  The main story line is an account of some quick thinking teenagers who take refuge in a giant public library in New York City and  save themselves from a frosty death by burning volumes of tax law in a fireplace.  Measured by MeanMesa appetites for movies, it's a great story!

However, an interesting coincidence seems to have dropped out of the script.
As the entire Northern portion of the United States was being covered by this killing cold, literally millions of Americans desperately rushed to the South.  There was no place to go other than Mexico.

The Original Movie Poster - courtesy of Wiki

Here, we can add a "non-movie" feature to this story.  The recent reactionary  immigration tantrum by the neo-cons in Arizona has clearly pissed off most Hispanics in the country.  Apparently, dredging up this old film offered the opportunity for a bit of a "pay-back," even if it was to be nothing more than deflecting shot artfully injected into the drama.

Uh,what exactly does MeanMesa mean by a crack like that?

Well, in the film when the desperate Americans reached the possible refuge of our Southern neighbor in their rush to survive the lethal, freezing onslaught, the Mexicans closed the border. 

The Mexican government was, quite reasonably, not too comfortable with the prospect of millions of Americans streaming into their country from the North.

Hummm.  The airing of the film had absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CRAP ARIZONA IS TRYING TO PULL.  So, rest easy, MeanMesa visitors.  If this dire situation should ever develop in actual reality, the Mexicans will have, uh, forgotten Arizona's "Church of Hate" by that time.

Nothing to worry about.

Nothing to see here.

Just keep moving.

Let's get a pizza and watch some tv.

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