Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Putting the Words of the "Christians" Into the Mouth of Christ

MeanMesa usually prefers to add a significant amount of commentary to things which get "re-posted" here at Short Current Essays.  

However, in this particular case, it is necessary to simply let the material being forwarded here to speak for itself.

We have all heard our share of racist, knuckle dragging drawlers invoke "the high and the holy" vindications for their respective, inspired, "throw-back" comments.  The insinuation is that these "men of god" enjoy a certain exceptional liberty to chastise the rest of us and our foibled attempts to follow "jest whut thu' guud book saez."

So, in order to place such comments in a more rational perspective, some ingenious fellow at Huff Post's ALERT COMEDY has carefully crafted a remarkably revealing little sketch.  It is a series of paintings artfully depicting Jesus Christ in a wide variety of Biblical settings.  The words of the modern Christians are added in each case -- offering an opportunity to consider just how true to the teachings of Christ each of this string of utterrances actually is.

The way to "operate" what you will find at the end of this link is to look at each painting then click on it.  The source of the comment will load, enabling you to see just who said such a thing.  You can then hit the "back" arrow to return to the paintings and scroll down to the next one.

Spotting the vomitous hypocrisy is left up to you!


The link:

If, per chance, you believe that Jesus wants you to elect a Republican in your district or state, this may help you out.

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