Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Most Recent Email from Congressman Alan Grayson

MeanMesa is pleased to "pass along" this recent email from our favorite Congressman, Alan Grayson (D-Florida).  Not much more need be added.

Sometimes we progressives begin to simply accept the mushy words of Democrats as inevitable -- "Well, that's just the way it is.  That's the way it's always been, and that's the way it always will be.  Grumble.  Grumble, grubs again."

Get over it.  Find $5 bucks to send -- protect the Constitution and reinvigorate the country.

Dear MeanMesa,

Today is the final day of our moneybomb, at www.CongressmanWithGuts.com. Tomorrow, the attacks from the Republicans begin, because tomorrow is when the Republicans choose their candidate to run against us.

It's a good time to reflect. I have five young children, and they range in age from 5 to 15. A while back, my youngest asked me, 'what does tomorrow mean?' I've always found that question hard to answer. I think that if a five year old could understand this, I'd explain that tomorrow means the place where our hopes live. It's the place where we imagine a better world, and try to make it happen.

That's what courage means, too. Being audacious enough to dream, and tenacious enough to make those dreams come true.

The fundamental choice we face today is about what tomorrow we want to have. There are two groups in this country right now. I call those groups Us, and Them.

We want more jobs, better schools, better health, better pensions, and we want to keep our homes. We want not just jobs but jobs that mean something, jobs that pay a decent wage. We want to live a good life.

And then there's them. They simply have one goal and one goal only. And that is to destroy the government. They're not conservatives. They're anarchists.

 I don't know why they want anarchy. In fact, they don't know, either. Even they don't know what kind of inner darkness causes them to seek wars without end, to burn the planet, to welcome poverty for so many, to leave the old and the sick helpless, to cheer oil in the Gulf. I've spoken to enough of them to be able to tell you that they themselves don't know why.

But that's what they want. So, now we have to decide who is going to run this country. Is it Us, or is it Them? And what's at stake is the future. The future in a country that my five children will live in, that your children will live in, that you'll live in for the rest of your life.

Are we going to have a country with a decent middle class life for everyone - jobs, health care, roads, schools? Or, are we going to have poverty, cheap labor, helplessness and hopelessness? The choice is yours.

The only way to make everyone better off is to make everyone better off. Not just a few, but everyone. Each day, I fight for a good life for all; I fight for the common good. I have a tough race in November because of that. Not in spite of that, but because of that.

This is our fight. And I'm grateful that you're a part of it.

Alan Grayson

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