Sunday, August 15, 2010

The New Mexico PRC Answers MeanMesa's Letter

MeanMesa visitors may recall a recent post "MeanMesa Says 'NO' to PNM Rate Hike"  If you missed it, you can read the posting here.

Well, the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission wrote a nice letter back.  For those visitors who are too cynical to believe that complaining about something such as the proposed PNM rate hike can't have any effect, a copy of the letter is posted below.

Now, we of course don't know if our letter and the other letters from New Mexicans who oppose the rate increase will actually have any effect.  However, as a constant proponent of participating in our democratic institutions  -- in this case, the state Public Regulation Commission -- we thought that publishing the PRC's answer would be appropriate.

If you happen to be a PNM electricity consumer and this is the first you have heard about the proposed rate increase, there is still time for YOU to write your own letter to the PRC.  You can use the address on the letterhead.  You can also monitor the "News" section of the PRC website to keep track of the scheduled hearing dates for this matter.

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