Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Politico? - Call the Sewer Man, it stinks!

MeanMesa received the following email from one of our favorite Congressmen, Alan Grayson (D-Florida).  It seems as if the Politico cess pool finally got a check from some patriotic American ($?$) to trash another Democrat.

Oh well, that's nothing new for this bunch.  Of course, they disguise themselves under a heavily soiled, 1/16 inch layer of neo-con flatulence, but their true colors just keep seeping through.  There isn't a ship large enough to carry away the garbage.

By the way, Grayson was the young fellow who characterized the GOP's "health plan" as "Don't get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly!"

The email:

Dear MeanMesa,

The media follows the golden rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.
With that in mind, let's ask a question. What do Boeing, AT&T, America's Natural Gas Alliance, CTIA, McDonald's, and Goldman Sachs have in common?

They are all advertisers in Friday's issue of the Politico, the insider political magazine that controls much of the dialogue in Washington, DC. And that's just one day's issue. In fact, for the last year, the back page of the Politico has been occupied by a full-page Goldman Sachs advertisement. That's a direct revenue flow of thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs to the magazine most politicians in DC rely on for political gossip.

Interestingly enough, here are the last six headlines from the Politico on me.

  • Dems accused of tea party tampering
  • GOP foe sues Grayson over DVD
  • Kelly: Grayson may want troops to die
  • Who's not on the DCCC list
  • The Age of Rage
  • No repeat blockbuster for Grayson
Every single headline is meant to damage me, to gin up pseudo-scandals or keep them going. We recognize this. It's what the media did to Bill Clinton, to Barack Obama, to Al Gore, to Michael Moore, and really, to anyone who is either a Democrat or puts forward the concept that America should be run for the benefit of the people and not the corporations.

On August 23, we're going to show them what people power can do -- my campaign is launching a moneybomb, and I need you to be a part of it.

Alan Grayson

In case you thought it was an oversight, MeanMesa left the "money bomb" invitation in this posting on purpose.  Got $5 bucks to defend the Constitution?

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