Saturday, August 7, 2010

We've waited so long! The Tea Bagger Manifesto!

Okay, MeanMesa visitors, read it and weep.  For the longest time we on the progressive side have assumed that the neo-cons would remain perfectly happy being the second string chorus line for the "Party of No."  Not the case -- not the cast, at all.

The "political geniuses" who continue to desperately redefine the essentially non-existent Tea Baggers -- always hoping that some issue somewhere will finally gain traction with the exhausted American voter -- have now stepped out in front of the fray.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the Baggers have an actual platform, candidate or party.  Those things require actual thought, effort and participation, apparently tasks which are, well, a bit too demanding for the white, geriatric, over weight whining circus.

No problem.  The Public Relations section of Dick Armey's law firm has handled all the heavy lifting.  They pumped out the Manifesto, pre-packaged and ready to go to provide badly needed talking points for all the Baggers.  What follows is the email that Freedom Works sent to MeanMesa.

Sneak Peak of Our New Book Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto

Dear MeanMesa,

The limited government movement has made a huge impact on the country in the last couple of years. The resurgence of pro-liberty ideas and organizations has mostly been due to the emergence of what has become known as the Tea Party movement, a limited government protest movement fueled by opposition to big government at all levels. Tea Party activists across the country have been driving public opinion and waking up Americans to the ideas of liberty, free markets and personal responsibility.

FreedomWorks has been a part of this movement from its inception, with many of our members leading or joining early tea party protests around the country. We have tried to assist this spontaneous, grassroots, decentralized, fiercely independent movement of limited government activists. We have met thousands of the regular, patriotic Americans that lead this movement at the ground level, and who organized the massive 9/12/2009 Taxpayer March on Washington.
These experiences are what inspired us to write our new book, Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto. Our book traces the beginnings of this movement, and highlights some of the people who have made this movement the historic force for liberty it has become. Our goal is to drive this book to the top of the charts, so please pre-order your copy today and encourage your friends and family to buy theirs too! Better yet, at the low, low, pre-sale price of $13.49, why not treat them to a copy?

To whet your appetite, we are excited to offer you, as a FreedomWorks member, a sneak peak at a special part of the book. CLICK HERE to download the first installment of our Grassroots Activism Toolkit, which is a guide for all limited government activists that want to make a difference in their own community. This first section covers initial steps in forming your group, networking and building coalitions and how to organize a tea party protest. Over the next four weeks look for the rest of the Grassroots Action Toolkit, section by section. The advice we provide in the toolkit should help you recruit, retain members, educate the public, organize events, run meetings, raise money and manage media relations.

We hope that you will not only find the narrative in the book inspiring, but that you will use the book to educate others about the truth regarding our movement. We also hope that the Grassroots Activism Toolkit will be put to good use, helping local groups around the country accomplish their goals, and become better advocates for limited government.

We here at FreedomWorks are excited about our new book, and the upcoming campaign/book tour that begins the day of the big book launch in New York City on August 17th. Please continue to check out our website in the days to come as we organize events near you! Together we will Take America Back in 2010, and build a long-lasting community of pro-liberty groups that defend liberty and save our republic from the prospect of socialism in America.


Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks

P.S. We hope that you will join us in a few weeks for the 9/12/2010 Taxpayer March on Washington! Please CLICK HERE for the agenda, and to find ways to connect with other people that are chartering buses from your area. See you on September 12th!

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