Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alan Grayson and Citizens United -- Again!

MeanMesa has said it before.  Lots of Supreme Court rulings are so embedded in legalese that most Americans are stranded with only the pundits' descriptions of what they mean.  This, of course, definitely includes MeanMesa.  With all the responsibilities of blogging, dog walking and doing dishes, who has time to painfully thread through pages and pages of a ruling?

However, the scandalous Citizens United decision of a couple of months back (see previous Short Current Essays on the same topic:   link onelink twolink threelink four ) is one so nasty that it is worth fully understanding.  The neo-fascist "conservatives" controlling the majority vote in the now utterly dysfunctional Supreme Court simply out did themselves with this stinker.

The maximum clarity of the outrage becomes even more startlingly clear when translated into actual events "on the ground."  The knuckle dragging billionaires are testing their "wet dream" with progressive House candidate Alan Grayson (D - Florida).  They want to see if they can -- once equipped with the Constitutional treason of the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling -- actually purchase an election victory in race race they wish.

Grayson's email follows:

Dear MeanMesa,

Say what you want about those right-wingers, but they keep their promises.

Tax cuts for the rich? Check.

Endless war? Check.

Destroying worker protections and the environment? Check.

And last year, they made a promise about me. The Executive Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) said that I am the Republicans' Number One Target for 2010. That they would do whatever it takes to defeat me.

I took it as a compliment.

But here we are, six weeks before the election, and they're going all-out to keep that promise. They've already thrown $1 million in "independent" expenditure TV ads (a/k/a corporate-funded lies) at us. And now the NRCC says that it try to trash me with $817,000 of its own money (which, at the current exchange rate, is exactly equal to thirty pieces of silver). They're throwing everything at us but the kitchen sink, and then they're throwing the kitchen sink.

This is not spring training. This is not the trial run. This is not batting practice. This is not dress rehearsal.

It's show time.

They're hitting us with $250,000 of Big Oil lies, $600,000 of Big Pill lies, $100,000 of Big Business lies, and now $800,000 of Republican lies. All these lies, just to keep that promise to get rid of me.

Remember: In elections, there are no do-overs.

Alan Grayson

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