Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Much Did Jim Lehrer Cost?

MeanMesa found it necessary to retrieve the "air sickness bag" from the seat back in order to get through the September 7 PBS story about the GOP "landslide" coming in November (Jim Lehrer, PBS News Hour, KNME Channel 5 cable Albuquerque, Tuesday September 7, 2010, 5:30 - 6:30 PM weekdays).

The News Hour, to its credit, has been a reliable source of information even while the remainder of the corporate media fraud has relentlessly accelerated its plunge into a sickening state of managed media.  However, Tuesday's News Hour dedicated an agonizing ten minute head liner to detailing the "factual" basis for the oncoming demise of Democratic candidates in the mid-terms this November.

Rather radical for the otherwise fairly objective reporting one usually encounters on the News Hour.

But wait!  There are polls!  All this clap trap is just "news reporting" after all!  You can't simply "shoot the messenger" who happens to be bringing such bad tidings.

Not exactly.

These public opinion "polls" came from two interesting sources.

The first of the two "media sources" was ABC.  You know, the media corporation which broadcast an entire two hour movie explaining why Bill Clinton was actually responsible for 9/11.  By the way, ABC Corporation footed the entire bill for that informative masterpiece -- there were no commercials!

MeanMesa is absolutely certain that this media monstrosity has "changed its feathers" since such an outrage -- at least, started using some cheap hair color. You know, rehabilitated its profoundly soiled credibility for such bad behavior.

The second of the two "media sources" was the Wall Street Journal, an over financed trinket of Rupert Murdoch and his Saudi Prince.  The infamous Australian fascist, Murdoch, gleefully added the Journal to his News Corps holdings a year or so ago, nestling it in closely with his other holdings which include the FOX Network.

Why has Jim Lehrer suddenly become so complicit in such a transparently obvious effort in the "self-fulfilling prophecy" scam?

The neo-con dream is clear enough.  If enough of the talking "mouth junk" media repeats the prospect of a Republican landslide (shudder) in the midterms, Americans will trot off to the polls, pull the lever and join the "majority" of American voters.  After all, everyone wants to be on the winning team -- even when it means losing "big time" the day after the votes are counted.

So much for the News Hour.


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