Friday, September 24, 2010

The Invention of the Century? Maybe!

No, MeanMesa isn't fooling -- there's no joke here.  When there were no alternatives to horses and buggies, it seemed as if Model T's had simply descended from heaven!  Now, stranded in the internet age, we find a new idea just as exciting as the first steam engine.

Even information challenged Americans have a sort of suspicious fantasy of what actually goes on in a Congressional business office on any given morning.

Your secretary comes in with hot coffee and a list of daily "to-do's."  The schedule is remarkably the same day by day.  There are two strange looking crazies from the NRA patiently waiting in your lobby for an unscheduled appointment; a small flock of sign bearing protesters from the "God Hates Fags" church are scrapping with the police just outside your front door; PHARMA is on line 6, threatening to withdraw their campaign checks if you don't vote for House Bill 1341 as amended;  there is a "conference call" with EXXON and CHEVRON Ukraine holding on line 3; and, your DWI attorney is urgently freaking out on line 2.

Meanwhile, the average voter is trying to follow what in the hell you are doing.  FOX and the pundits either love you or hate you as final editorial decisions are being organized by their corporate headquarters.

How, exactly, can folks with jobs and families possibly be the "informed electorate" our founding fathers assumed would be the life's blood of the democracy?

Well, finally, there may be a solution for that gnawing frustration that American voters have no choice other than simply "flying blind" right up to the voting booth.

Introducing VOTILITY

Rather than mangle the story from here -- remember, MeanMesa openly admits to all the fallacies and foibles which relentlessly curse our geriatric approach to all modern technology -- just take a look at what follows.  It is the last page of the "sign up" process for a new net service called Votility.

Welcome to Votility!
It is the nation's first, unbiased, comprehensive, real-time, customer centric portal for congressional education, communication and accountability.

You will now be able to enjoy several benefits like:
  1. Being able to follow all congressional bills of interest to you,
  2. Being able to see all the proposed and accepted amendments to any bill,
  3. Being able to comment and vote on the bill, most times, BEFORE it goes to the floor of Congress for a vote
  4. Being able to see instant, real time voting results from around your District, State and the Nation and
  5. Being able to track the votes of your representatives to see how they match up with your views and much more...
The goal of the Votility service is simple: More transparency and accountability in the political system.  Please explore the entire service and let us know your thoughts.  Your Membership is important and your help in attracting people in all political categories is equally as important.  In short, numbers means power and if a lot of people together can do a little bit we can accomplish the goal stated above.

Thanks again for your interest in the Votility service and we look forward to any of your comments and feedback as it helps us customize the service to your needs.

P. S.  If you like what we're doing at Votility, please spread the word to other politically active friends. The best way: please use the SHARE button you will see after you start voting!  Thank you for your Membership!

Brent L. Willis
Founder and CEO

The link to sign up is included on the last line.  Consider taking advantage of this refreshing new idea.  MeanMesa makes this suggestion to everyone interested in knowing about the events in the Capitol -- November 2 is coming more quickly than most of us think.  It will be time to make some informed decisions!

Also, for our blog visitors from outside the country, you can sign up, too!  We know how difficult is can be to actually understand what the US government is doing when all the news is being received through the rather soiled filters of American media.

Stay informed.  Stay interested.  Don't be afraid.

Vote your best decisions for our country.

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