Wednesday, September 29, 2010


MeanMesa wants everyone to read the words of the Governator of California as quoted on The Daily KOS, Kieth Olbermann's site.  The transcript of this short speech is included below.  (To visit the site, link here )

Olbermann:  #3 "Class Warfare" - The Governator handed it to big oil & big business in CA! The richest 20% own 84% of the wealth before the recession. The gap between rich & poor has never been wider. Citizens United has benefited the GOBP over the Dems to the tune of 6 – 1. Again, No $hit, Sherlock! " oil hearts"?! HELLO! DAMN! OK, boys & girls, this speech bears repeating in fullI want to talk about the corruption of the democratic process and about forces willing to sabotage the country’s economic future for private gain.

Schwarzenegger: "I want to talk about the Texas oil interests that have descended upon California to overturn a California environmental law, and then, as soon as they’ve done their dirty work thanks to millions of dollars of scare – tactic advertising, they intend, in the words of their own spokesperson, to fold up their tents and go home."

"Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a great drama, there’s a great struggle, playing out here in California right now that the rest of the world doesn’t pay much attention to and knows very little about and that’s why I’m here today to put the spotlight on this very important issue. And let me just say that the entire oil industry is not involved in this deception that I will explain here today. No, there are some oil companies that are trying to do the right thing. But others are not. Oil companies like Valero and Tesoro and Frontier and Koch Industries are blatantly trying to manipulate the will of the people and the public good."
Olbermann: Damn, damn, and DAMN!! I think the spirit of Uncle Teddy got into Governator Schwarzenegger! ;D These companies are akin to some in the auto industry who sought to diminish the roll of rail travel. Here we go again!

Schwarzenegger: "Does anyone really believe that these companies, out of the goodness of their black oil hearts are spending millions and millions of dollars to protect jobs? This is like Eva Braun writing a kosher cookbook. It’s not about jobs at all, ladies and gentlemen. It is about their ability to pollute and thus protect their profits."

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