Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to Keep Smiling If They Win

Have all the carefully crafted comments about a Democratic Party bloodbath in the November elections finally penetrated MeanMesa's perpetual optimism?  These days, not a single "microphone moment" passes without another quietly implied forecast that our country will be, once again, cast into the regressive hands of the reactionaries from the Republican Party.

Now, as MeanMesa canvasses here in the neighborhood of our Galactic Headquarters, you know, talking to folks, there doesn't seem to be much interest in resurrecting these throw backs and subjecting ourselves to another bout of Neo-Con looting.  However, perhaps we should consider just what might happen if the hill billies and bigots are actually elected.

Normally, a blog post beginning with this sort of content is directed at creating even more dread among progressives and spurring them into political action.  After all, it is an election.

However, this posting is graciously declining that opportunity to further enhance the gloom already floating around this immense, uninformed and uninterested electorate.  Instead, just now we should reconsider the "public opinion asset" which the reactionaries value so highly and which has served them so well.

Only after a matter of mere months since the last "gang rape" was completed, by the Bush Crime Family it seems that millions of American voters (at least the ones answering those "special" onion polls...) have forgotten all about it!  After a refreshing cup of GOP Kool Aide, they may be moving "zombie-like" back to another dose of "small government," "balanced budget," "take our freedom back" Republican catastrophe.

Egad!  We haven't even yet finished totalling up the trillions of dollars that are missing from the Treasury!

Oh well.  Now to something positive.

First, a quick "fact check" with respect to our own political consciousness.

Do we think that Mr. Obama, clearly a formidable political strategist, has been caught "off guard" by recent events? 

Can we remember when blow-hards such a Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove gleefully pronounced that Republicans would hold a majority for decades to come?  Can we remember that clutches of greedy billionaires and corporations took the bait this time around to see if they could buy an election?  Those folks have parted with literally millions of their "hard earned" dollars in the last few months.

Maybe this is actually the Obama plan.   A plan to put the Democratic Party in control for a few decades.  May the President has taken a long hard, cold look at us and decided that we won't have the steel it will take to save the country because we are not all disgusted enough with the alternative yet to stick to it  long enough to carry it through.

Introduce some difficult sacrifices in policies which might get the country back together a bit.  Information challenged voters would, predictably, buck at being bitten by even a whisp of austerity.  The freaks would emerge from the Tea Party (remember Caligula's horse Incitatus -- the emperor appointed the beast to the Roman Senate...), get elected and further paralyze the government.

Consider this to be a sort of Memory Therapy.

If Americans cannot be expected to use their memories of the autocracy's outrages long enough to tough our way through reconstruction, maybe they need another "opportunity" to explore a little longer time line.  A bit more durable perspective -- caused by another dose of suffering through the next cycle of looting -- might prepare them psychologically for the long road to recovery which faces us.

After a few more sessions of "gang rape," perhaps these voters will be able to remember long enough not to just repeatedly re-elect these losers.  Maybe that is what it will take.

Stupid has a price.
Spoiled has a price.
The idea that we will return to the false prosperity of the days of the autocracy has a price.

Oooops.  MeanMesa would prefer to continue working on repairing the damage they caused last time they were at the wheel.

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