Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finally! Tea Baggers Attack Light Bulbs! Uh, right.

MeanMesa received the following little snippet from Freedom WorksNews-wise, it doesn't, of course, amount to much, but the content is hilarious!  More than just that, it has all the bells and whistles of being their version of a full  operatic production -- it would have been totally unfair not to pass it along.

Yes, the freak show seems to be moving into "Cannibal Phase."  It's MeanMesa's view that they have already begun to eat their own. But, as always, MeanMesa visitors can form their own opinion...  (The links are all enabled.)

Enjoy!  There's lots more where this came from!  In fact, two more years' worth!

BTW, the header of this letter reminds us of, yup, "Up is Down!" or maybe, "Down is UP?" or, uh, "Down with Upton?"  Gag.....
The new Republican majority is in the process of selecting its leaders for the next Congress. This is the time when the Tea Party movement can use grassroots activism to shape what policies are pursued in Washington, D.C.

Fred Upton, currently considered the front-runner for chairmanship of the critical House Energy and Commerce committee, is far out of step with the Tea Party movement, the GOP and the American people as a whole. You may have heard Glenn Beck talking about Fred Upton introducing a bill to ban incandescent light bulbs in favor of so-called "environmentally-friendly" alternatives. The truth is, Fred Upton has a Big Government record a mile long, and light bulbs are just the beginning.

The Tea Party movement must strongly oppose his candidacy. Please visit to find out more about Upton's poor voting record and sign the petition.

You can also click here to call members of the GOP Steering Committee to urge them to oppose Fred Upton for chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Read More >>

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  1. Tea party pundits are merely wanting to surgically remove the cancers that are eating away American's rights, freedoms, and civil liberties; this will include anyone from any party that promotes bigger govt, runaway govt spending, violation of the Constitution.