Thursday, November 18, 2010

MeanMesa's Annual "Christmas Gift"

Well, the holidays are approaching and it's clearly time for Short Current Essays to pony up our annual "Christmas Gift!"  Each year around this time MeanMesa tries to add a little levity to an otherwise dismal political environment by providing a downloadable bumper sticker.

In case you missed last year's ( 2009 Christmas Gift ), you can catch up and get last year's bumper sticker by following this link.

Now, those visitors who have the habit of campaigning for progressive candidates  all know that every vote counts!  This means that any voter who is willing to cast a ballot for your candidate is just as good as any other voter who willing to cast a similar ballot.  A ballot is a ballot.

When we move around our neighborhoods knocking on doors, we encounter the wonderful variety of citizens and attitudes which makes our country unique.  Many of these supportive acquaintances have pretty much the same political ideas that we have.  However, we also run into those who have quite a different idea, yet still support the particular candidate we support.

We must offer those folks something, too!  So, as we fire up for the 2012 election, MeanMesa is supplying the following bumper sticker for those "special neighbors" with political or social ideas which would be difficult to address otherwise.

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