Monday, December 27, 2010

MeanMesa E-Book Published on Blog!

MeanMesa visitors may be wondering why the blog was "off the air" for the last week or so.  Well, relaxMeanMesa hasn't been slugging down bon-bons watching Oprah from the couch here.

Short Current Essays has initiated a daughter-blog where the novel, The Secret of Paraneho, will appear, chapter by chapter until the entire book has been posted there.  The delay in posting chapters is necessary for a few final editing tasks which must be applied before the final form can be published, but other than that, we are all ready to go!

The visit the new blog and enjoy the first few chapters of the novel, link to this:

You may wish to log the link into your computer's equivalent of "Most Visited" or, better yet, fire up an RSS feed to make weekly visits to Paraneho more convenient.

It's free, and it's fun!  Great fun!


Now, with this little task under way,  MeanMesa can return to our "duty station" for more, up-to-the-minute commentary on the political world we inhabit!

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