Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 Solstice Brings Religionists Fabulous Blood Harvest

Of course, MeanMesa has heard the often repeated little tale of how the religionists Christians were able to "bring light" to Dark Ages Europe with the construction of their mighty cathedrals.  However, lingering on the proposition may well lead one to consider the claim somewhat less than historical accuracy.

Jacques Molay, Jerusalem 1299 (image source )

Now, as we begin 2011, we can see that this religionist aspiration to "bring light" not only has feet of clay, but is also overly populated with permanently soiled "true believers" with an appetite for rifles and rape which seems to more than equal their appetite for salvation.  It is more than some sort of historical coincidence that Mr. Gurdjieff considered the two most aggressive players in this bloody effort at conversion and cleansing the "illegitimate religions of the day."

For a little background reading, check out a MeanMesa posting on this issue:  Don't Get Caught Between the Fairy Tales

Of course, he was referring to Christianity and Islam.  MeanMesa has to ponder, if only for a moment, how these strands have come to such a grisly contemporary  confluence.  The answers burst forth with a painful ease.  If we are to indulge in such a spectral heresy, we may as well do it by the numbers.

 1.  Both Christianity and Islam consider the conversion of non-believers to be "extra credit" points which can influence one's "odds" of entering the respective "heavens" of each mythology.

2. Both Christianity and Islam consider those who resist such a conversion to be enemies, that is, "enemies of God," "enemies of the religion" or even "enemies of humanity."

3.  Both Christianity and Islam have been parties to a long term conflict masked as a struggle between competing mythologies, but most often a competition for territorial advantages or security.

4. Both Christianity and Islam fundamentally derive from a single, older mythology -- most recently the ancient Egyptian religion of Horus which was an early duplicate to both Jesus and Mohammed, not to mention other "personalities" incorporated in the competing mythologies.  (See: Zeitgeist Part One )

5.  Although the "battle" between Christianity and Islam may seem to have a long, historical foundation, it is -- compared to other "world wide battles" between religions contemporary to each other -- rather much more brief.  It may seem "monumental" to casual modern observers anxious to demonstrate their expertise at history, but the conflict is mainly "monumental" because it began recently enough to be well recorded.  Whether events are modern or ancient, religionists are seldom kind to historical accuracy when there's a  mythological point to be "proved."

6.  Finally, although the points made here may seem somewhat sterile and academic, this "battle of the fairy tales" is raging as we speak, drenching vast areas of the planet with the blood of believers.  The murderous old contest is just as present in the Nigerian slaughters, the Iranian stonings, the Afghan bombing, the explosions in Europe or an American President clamoring about Jordan with references to a Crusade.  The Israelis and Palestinians are hard at it.  Jerry Falwell and his ilk rely on it for their careers of hatred and fear.  The Taliban and Al Qaeda have it for breakfast every morning.

Much more can be added to this dismal list.

Current World Wide Religionist Slaughters (map source)

So, while you are taking down all those Christmas ornaments, it might be time to ask yourself "How involved in this craziness do I want to get?"

MeanMesa's view:  "Come on, guys!  They're FAIRY TALES! Grow Up Before It's Too Late!  

Put down your rifle and THINK about what you are DOING!  Put down your scripture and THINK about what you are THINKING!

The world needs your best efforts right now or it's GOING TO LOSE IT!  EVERYBODY NEEDS TO HELP!  


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