Sunday, February 20, 2011

MeanMesa Sets the Odds on Madison Tea Bag Spelling

Of course, everyone in Albuquerque was as excited as a three year old on Christmas Even when we heard that the Tea Bags were getting bussed into Madison.  Naturally, Dick Armey's law firm and public relations office wanted this crowd of over weight geriatrics stumbling off the Grey Hounds in Madison's cold winter air to look absolutely, well, "grassrootsy."

"Grassrootsy?" (image source)

Immediately all conversations here in Albuquerque migrated to a single "burning question of the day."  It's seldom that the natural flow of reality presents such an appealing, robust case of "irony deficiency."

The burning question?

Hide Your Dictionary (And Your Atlas)

Just a bit of lead up, if you don't mind.  While the baggers were staggering around during the 2010 campaign season, their signs were predictably grotesque -- especially their "special tea bag spelling difficulties."  However, as they are rushed into Madison in this effort to make the Governor look rational and popular, a slightly different image environment may await them.

Of course the burping bumpkins on the buses won't particularly care how they might appear on their television coverage, but the public relations experts in the "war room" at Freedom Works will.  The image technicians at Freedom Works have probably struggled late into the night debating which "image" might work best.

On one hand, the second grade spelling errors resonate with other hill billies, many of whom still haven't realized that they were being ridiculed during the campaign.  For them, the folksy nihilism of the ultra-superficial "messages" didn't seem all that different from the conversations which they were accustomed to hearing at their  "heartland of America" American Legion bar in Smallville.

On the other hand, Madison might be somewhat removed from the grassy knolls of the campaign's "photo ops."  For one thing, dictionaries may not be so conveniently absent.

See, many of the teachers who have been protesting on the far side of the Capitol can spell.  The signs they are carrying have, generally, been written in simple, yet solid English, complete with adjectives, verbs which match nouns and all "decked out" with all sorts of correctly spelled words.

(All photos from Google Images)

Will the geniuses at Freedom Works risk placing "manufactured" signs in the hands of their imported baggers?  Or, will they simply "man up" and live with the mindless, illiterate drivel their artificial hordes come up with on their own?

MeanMesa supposes that we will just have to wait to see this latest episode of suffocating, manipulated Tea Bag "populism" unfurl its latest effort.

Stay tuned and place your bets.

MeanMesa's compliments to the steadfast Americans facing down their Governor in Wisconsin.

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