Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finally, the Fat Lady Sings

Clamoring for the  FOX microphones, check books in hand and campaign contributors on speed dial, here they come.  Although MeanMesa could write an encyclopedia about these petty crooks, wanna be's and criminals, we'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Now, straight from the GOPCon Clone Factory, may we present the finest, richest, greediest miscreants in the nation's history, all prepared for some good "ole tahm'  back stabbin' sessions" to thin the herd and take the White House.

The American People Love Us (image source)
"So, start buying stock in the voting machine companies, get Rove on the phone to start cookin' up some dirty tricks and check with FOX News about exactly what to say.  Meanwhile, make sure the economy stays in the crapper and start a close audit of what's left in the Treasury while I get mah lootin' duds back on!  They thought we was done when the Bush went home, but this party ain't nearly over yet!"

Ho hum. We still don't like it.   Maybe we should all stay at home again to deliver another "message" to the Democrats.

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