Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friday the 13th - GOPCon Nightmare on Tea Bag Street!

Here at Galactic Headquarters, MeanMesa receives junk mail daily.  Still staggering from the economic handiwork of the Republican looters, almost every one of these mass mailed letters heads right for the trash bin.

However, last week there was a heart warming exception.  This, of course, doesn't mean that something will actually be purchased with cash otherwise committed to items such as rent, food and utilities.  In fact, MeanMesa has not even opened this mass mailed letter to explore the "bargain" offer it contains.

No money means no money.

However, it wasn't the contents of the letter which warmed our hearts so tenderly -- it was the envelope!  That beautiful baby gets scanned directly into this post.  (below)

The Envelope
Take a close look at what is printed on the face of this envelope.  Next, think about exactly what this means to the psych-execs at the GOPCon talking points factory.

Here is a mass mailing of probably hundreds of thousands of such letters to names on a mailing list with unknown political positions.  A decision was made at this company.  That decision was to take the risk that printing this message on the outside of a mass mailed advertisement was actually a good idea.

The underlying conclusion was simple.  There will be more potential customers receiving this letter -- with this message printed on it for the whole world to see -- who will be positively affected than those who might be negatively effected.  This isn't some sort of political letter -- it's about cell phone service.  

This wonderful advertising envelope stirs hope in the heart of the disheartened.  It is a sign that the gaseous "death grip" of the domestic neo-con usurpation is weakening.

Enjoy.  Have a belly laugh!

BTW, buy something from CREDO if you have any money.

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