Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GOP- Keep Unemployment High to Un-Elect Obama

Not even CNN "Death to America" News was able to avoid reporting the latest ADP numbers for US employment growth.  On CNN's "top of the hour" quip, the editors bit their little neo-con tongues and let slip that the economy had increased employment with 212,000 new private sector jobs.

This number caught the doom boys by surprise.  The House Republican "budget slashers" were comfortably assuming that new jobs numbers would remain at the carefully crafted lethargic pace established by their neo-con political strategists.  

Of course, CNN also felt duty bound to broadcast the best product they could dream up as a "counter report."  After the announcement, the story was followed by no fewer than three "expert reports" suggesting that 

1.) the number was wrong, 
2.) the number didn't actually mean anything, or 
3.) the job situation under the brutal, megalomaniacal rule of the liberals remained utterly and absolutely hopeless until there was a change at the top.

After MeanMesa had a few minutes to think about all of this, the impulse arose to just casually dive into Google images to see what interesting things might be retrieved about the subject.  Here's what showed up, right away, during the search.

Chart One 

Private Sector Job Growth to Dec 2010
Given the grave state of the accumulated job losses during the autocracy coupled with the huge void of capital remaining in the US economy after the looting, we can see that the present administration's efforts have rekindled a slow, but fairly, steady reversal of the disaster of the Bush years.  From the bars on this chart, it is also clear that job numbers began to improve with the beginning effects of the stimulus.

Of course, the paid voices of the oligarchs are prepared to spin quite a different tale.  Their favorite "talking point" is that the stimulus did absolutely nothing beyond increasing the national debt.  Every time one of these wing nuts faces a microphone, this idea is trotted out like the First Station of the Cross.  No number of credible economists stating otherwise can so much as dent a fender on this right wing Juggernaut.

However, when we look at a few charts about the effect of the stimulus, the GOP lie starts collecting a serious case of "road rash" almost immediately.

Chart Two

Job Growth Resulting From Recovery Act - to April 2010

Chart Three

What the GDP Would Have Looked Like With the Stimulus

Chart Four

Simply assuming that the Republican strategy centers entirely on the goal of keeping the economy in turmoil until the 2012 elections may be over generous.  Of course, we have seen Republicans, especially in the Senate, obstruct every bill which might have assisted the nation in economic recovery.  We have, in fact, watched in disbelief, as the entire GOP bloc voted in a zombie like, unanimous lockstep as they gleefully extended our misery for an electoral advantage in 2012.

Does any one out there possibly believe that Republicans are of such a pure and homogeneous mind set that not a single one would support a single bill out of the approximately 280 designed to help our economy?

However, as mentioned before, there were other "low hanging fruit" to be plucked from this scheme.  The details are just as numerous as the states with new Republican looters sitting behind the wheel after the November election.  Thanks to national socialist reactionaries such as the ones millions of Americans hear on Fox "News," these main economic problems blanket a sinister horde of lesser indignities these folks have in mind for us.

For example, although the Wisconsin tea bag Governor may "shake all the feathers and fury" about his state budget in his inflammatory ranting, his actual goal is the destruction of union campaigners in the next election, the bargain basement sale of his state's power plants to Koch Energy and his scheme to gain an unstoppable access to the teachers' pension trust of $78 Bn.  If he succeeds in breaking union strength, no one can stop him from looting the 96% fully funded pension.

The shady Republican characters in the Wisconsin Assembly can certainly not be counted on to do any more than lick their Republican chops at the prospect.

A similar, "red meat bait and switch" is duplicated all across the country, now.

So, although we may have wandered just a bit, this is a very good time to keep track of all the threads.  Our country is under perhaps the gravest threat it has faced in this century -- counting the World Wars, the Depression, the military adventures and the autocracy's penchant for "dividing and conquering" us.

The Republic will survive only if we are both vigilant and active.  The country is depending on us.

MeanMesa's compliments to the President.

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