Monday, March 28, 2011

Renting Gaddafi's U-Haul -- Not To Caracas

Finding a New, "Warm Nest" 
for a Ragged Old Dictator

In the best of all possible worlds, the murderous madman in Tripoli will, sooner or later, realize that all his hyperbolics about dying a martyr in Libya are now creeping toward a far more literal nature.  Should Gaddafi remain in Tripoli, his soon to be realized, dramatic finale will be more similar to Romania's old dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, than the more genteel relocation enjoyed by his Egyptian equivalent, Hosni Mubarak.

So where could Gaddafi go when he's through tearing peoples' arms and legs off in his Libyan prisons?

His timely withdrawal from Tripoli would result in a serious reduction in the violence required to finally rid that capitol city of the mercenary remnants of his gang.  If Gaddafi's "death wish" turns out to be sincere, these "paid by the hour" foreigners would find themselves stranded in a city surrounded by insurgents while the fading King strummed "Nero tunes" on a melancholy lute in his palatial, well fortified, 1950-Holiday Inn-style,  Bab Aziza.

Further, those insurgents would most likely have already long ago disabused themselves of any compassionate reluctance to settle the matter quickly and permanently.

As far as the pundits in our domestic media go, the suggestion has been Venezuela.  Of course, there is no particular ideological reason why the Venezuelans would welcome this tired old dictator.  However, there is a very material reason why Venezuela keeps coming up in the wing nut "talking points" gushing around the US.

Why, exactly, is it that the dirty shirt talking points puppets continue to speak of Gaddafi retiring to Venezuela?  

Well, it may have more to do with Venezuela than with Gaddafi.   This means, of course, that it may have more to do with Venezuelan oil than with Gaddafi oil.  The spigot for Gaddafi oil is slowly closing, making the prospect of, somehow, "recapturing" Venezuelan oil all the more infatuating to the temporarily bored , trust fund Petrogarch. ("Petrogarch?"  A delightful new and economical MeanMesa abbreviation for the longer term, "petroleum oligarch.")

Why God Commanded 
Americans To Hate Hugo Chavez 

This Proves Nightmare Is Real (The Reagan Report)

Oooops.  (image source)

Oooops.  (image source)

Oooops. (image source)

Chavez replaced his more acceptable (That is, "more acceptable" to American Petrogarchs, at least.) predecessor, Rafael Caldera, in the wake of that previous oligarch's violent suppression of practically every Venezuelan who was not among the country's elite.  Aside from the obvious disadvantage of being the "wrong color," Chavez went on to nationalize the country's oil, feed the poor and create a fairly respectable universal health care system.

Quick Petrogarch Recipe for Creating a South American "Terrorist" Cake at Home


Beautiful Venezuelan Terrorist Cake ready for Dictator in Exile Decoration (image source)

One "wrong colored" Venezuelan Reformer
A few well connected, US Petrogarch families
Impressive oil Reserves
A South American Country With an Oppressive Elite Class of "Patrones"

  1. Pre-heat oven to "Political Revolution" temperature
  2. Shoot protesters in street to preserve US oil interests
  3. Throw Head of Reform Movement in Prison for two years
  4. Elect Head of Reform Movement President
  5. Elitists Fail to Stop Enfranchisement of women and indigenous people
  6. Reform President Nationalizes Foreign Oil Interests in Country
  7. Reform President Begins to Divert Oil Revenues to Social Causes
Bake until an oil well casing comes out clean when drilled into center of cake.  Cover cake with elitist terrorism frosting when cooled.  Add decorative Libyan dictator in Venezuelan exile to re-inforce media idea that Chavez is a Terrorist.  Serve with plenty of cold Kool Aide to wing nut talk show pundits.


Cheap Talking Points versus 
Bargain Priced Moving Crates

So, of course, the talking point puppets were absolutely besides themselves with the possibility of linking the conveniently, already soiled, Libyan dictator to the walking, talking, "terrorist threat" in Venezuela.  What better plan than to suggest -- over and over, of course -- that Gaddafi should go to Venezuela when he is run out of Libya by the revolutionary forces there.

Given the current "color state" of the elected President in the US, Chavez's "wrong coloredness" shock value has, happily, faded into oblivion.  His survival of both a recall election and military coup suggest that the Venezuelan people seem to prefer his popular "socialism" to the old starvation and  intimidation  scheme of the previous owners.

Naturally, the Glenn Becks of the fallen world find themselves only moments away from another bizarre "talking points" orgasm when they discover this new, threatening possibility to further horrify their illiterate listeners with the hopelessness of America's predicament.  These "mouth junk" miscreants would like to blame a rainy day on the President -- even if it meant taking a hit in their already teetering credibility and ratings.

The fact is that no one in their right mind would invite Gaddafi to a "new home" now that the International Criminal Court has begun a "crimes against humanity" investigation into the murderous old crow's record.  If Chavez were to actually allow the old Libyan a safe resting place for his last years, it would have more to do with his strong foundation of "community responsibility" --- not seeing twenty thousand Libyans die taking Tripoli -- instead of ideology.

So, if you're calling Tripoli Rent a Truck for Gaddafi's U-Haul, plan on the mileage to The Hague instead of Caracas.

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