Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Birther!" "Birther!" Not With a Shrug, But With A Whimper

If You're Going to 'Drink the Kool Aide," 
It's Best To Start With Just A Sip

"Doesn't even require Glenn's Black Board" (image source)

This posting could, of course, be nothing more than another fun-filled opportunity to ridicule GOPCon "wanna be" Donald Trump, but such exclusivity would be a grave injustice to the other wing nuts who are expecting to ride the "Kenya Conspiracy" to the Oval Office.  Just like a flock of rabid locusts, the swarm of GOPCon "Birthers" are still circling mindlessly over the last few hill billies and bigots still able to reach the FOX News setting from their wheel chairs.

Further, as a grisly testament to the "depth of control" the oligarchs have purchased with their "wholly owned" media, any convincing contradiction to the "birther" paranoia has conveniently -- and convincingly -- moved beyond the "existential falsification" test.

At least, in the "nation grabbing" prospects of the smelly little business, that is, in the addled minds of Americans still willing to believe it, the saturation effort seems to be more durable than an unending toothache.  Every once in a while, it may simply have to "take a rest" amid the raucous laughter, but it comes back.  Whenever the GOPCon Galactic Talking Points Factory detects the slightest waning of interest from this embarrassing kernel of "Base Voters," the gas pedal hits the fire wall again.

The Billionaires and Corporatists, relentlessly infatuated with moving the Social Security Trust Fund to Wall Street, usually couldn't care less.  They consider the "birther" vote margin to be nothing beyond another little pocket of "low hanging fruit" as far as winning elections might go.

Countering the UFO Side of the "Birther" Movement

Naturally, at various times both the President's men and the Democratic Party have offered up a series of rational counter punches to dull the edge of the "birther" crazies.  However, to the delight of the oligarch masters of the media, nothing seems to work.  The insignificant little "birther cult" is utterly immune to any thought of questioning the "divine dogma."

Otherwise compelling evidence such as a State of Hawaii "Certificate of Live Birth" are brushed aside as nothing more than a Kenyan power grabbing scheme.  Rumors of a $2 million dollar White House conspiracy to bury the facts are a daily feature of the wing nut radio heads.

Even "The Donald's" bombastic claim of having sent "investigators" to the Islands of Aloha to "ferret out" the awful truth is routinely presented as somehow significant.  MeanMesa can imagine some staggering 1950's style, New York "PI" sobering up enough for a long distance "progress report" from his $20 per day Honolulu flop house.

The "UFO Side" of the "birther" movement?

Anyone who has watched the ghost chasers stumbling around with their night vision goggles in the abandoned meat packing plant can understand the carefully groomed "barrier" which has been constructed in the minds of this base.  The similarity between the "birther" experts and the wild eyed UFO believer leaning on the fender of his Cadillac Escalade in the Arizona desert cannot be over looked.

Facts mean nothing.  Especially when no fact can even be established as, well, a fact.

The "Ultimate Solution" from  MeanMesa

In one of the three fundamental elements in the Art of War, Sun Tzu suggests that one should not attack an opponent's area of strength, but instead, should address his area of weakness.  That ancient admonition should not be over looked in this instance.

If the "area of strength" is represented by the blind belief which has been so carefully crafted into the minds of the hill billies, what can represent the "area of weakness" in this equation?

Interestingly, the "area of weakness" derives from the same blindness as does the "area of strength."  It is precisely a case of identical "voluntary blindness" which opens this avenue of approach.

The hill billies, one might recall, were vigorously receptive to every denigration the wing nuts could put forth about Hillary Clinton while she was running against Obama in the 2008 primary elections.  The struggle was a long, tedious one, and animosity ran high, an opportunity not over looked by the reactionary forces constantly plotting on the other side.

"Constantly plotting?"

Well, okay.  That shot might be a bit over dramatic.  So, instead, let's characterize their opportunism as something less threatening, say, something more similar to the blissfully organic "opportunism" of cock roaches, busy little creatures who will not "walk by" any possibility which might hold even the most meagre chance of contributing something of value.

This "area of weakness," in the Sun Tzu sense, at  least, is the equally blind disdain for Hillary Clinton which has been so expensively engendered in the GOPCon hill billy base.  Hillary is imaged as a vicious, ravaging politico who would NEVER miss ANY opportunity which might serve her megalomanic drive to power.

So, if the "birther" conspiracy actually deserved any real traction, how could Hillary have missed it?  Most of the insane "Hillary haters" and the utterly blind "birthers" are elements of the same set.  The dwindling prospects of a rapacious, opportunistic Hillary ever possibly missing the opportunity to expose the Kenyan roots of her opponent should introduce an impossible paradox which even the low octane, addled minds of the hill billies should find intolerable.

So, the next time a MeanMesa visitor is confronted with the "birther" conspiracy, the reply is simple.

"If there is a shred of truth to that claim, 
how did Hillary miss it?"

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