Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Economic Treason - GOPCons' "Media Defined" Spending Cuts

You're Too Busy to Look At Anything 
Besides "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"
Now, quit gawking and just pay attention to the game

Visitors here know that MeanMesa has been ranting and raving about wealth redistribution and the incredible price we, as Americans, are currently paying for "not watching the cash register" while our oligarch class has been quietly emptying the Treasury.  Perhaps too often, all this ranting has been a tad bit too gaseous.  With the video link in this posting, we can all see -- in the bright light of day -- exactly what this illicit wealth redistribution actually amounts to, the relative scope of the "looting" and even a few clues about where all this money has "wound up" after it moved from our tax coffers to corporate and oligarchic "pockets."

In the video, the size of the boxes will be the first feature which will attract your attention, but MeanMesa urges you to "split your focus" to also read the labels at the top of the screen while the boxes are gleefully floating down like a soul crushing version of an innocent Tetris game. They tell us what the "boxes" represent.

This little video, one minute sixteen seconds in length, shows the  preposterous relativity of the latest "GOPCon Spending Cuts" fraud.  We should all be equipped with this information as we enter the 2012 election cycle.  Be sure to come back to MeanMesa when you've finished.

MeanMesa's compliments to InformationIsBeautiful.net.

The You Tube video:

Predictably, the GOPCons are obsessed with inflaming their hill billies and bigots with "fiscal trinkets" such as strangling everything from NPR, Planned Parenthood, HeadStart and Pell Grants to fully funded pension plans.  Although the script of this deception grows tedious to the illiterate in practically no time, when there is nothing else on the "tv's," all these little escapades can gradually escape their intrinsically "gaseous" nature and become artificially material, successfully masquerading as the "burning question of the day."  

However, while this cheap little "bait and switch" operation is proceeding to the delight of the profoundly confused, these same interests are happily watching huge glaciers of national money flow into their clutches.  The most amazing part of the deception is its unexpected durability.

Even as Americans watch what is presented as an "imponderable mystery" of the "missing money" problem which accounts for the train wreck in our economy, this relentless paint job just keeps adding layer after layer of further fraud.  To its hapless consumer, chewing desperately in an attempt to actually digest any of the fiction, the nation's economic woes are left stranded with carefully manufactured, cynically broadcast, alternative explanations.

Explaining the Great Republican Recession of 2008

"It's an act of God."
"It's a routine economic correction."
"Obama and the liberals caused it."
"These things just happen."
"It's way too complicated for anyone to understand."

The video shows us where the money is going, who is benefiting from it's redistribution and the very, very discouraging prospects accompanying the successful completion of the program.  

Meanwhile, the "dancing monkeys" in the new GOPCon House of Representatives are desperately casting every diversion they can grab from the their "Top Hats Full of Tricks."  The oligarchs are giggling in the shadows.  Many of these little tea bag GOPCon crooks actually believe what they are saying.

They have conveniently forgotten that their words arrived on their daily "talking points" email from the RNC.  Not unlike drunken sailors with empty pockets on a painful morning, the House GOPCons have finally reached a state of "continual self-inebriation" constantly reinforced by their hypnotic conviction that they are, actually, thinking for themselves.

Although the majority of Senators and House members are already millionaires, they amount to no more than awkwardly accepted cadre for the Country Club Luncheon with questionable claims of aristocracy when they enter the company of the "real money men."  They still have to stand quietly along the wall while they gobble down their crab salad and water cress sandwiches.

When Oligarchs Deceive Themselves

So, does this "looting rampage" continue forever?

It seems to short sighted billionaire corporatists that the process is inherently safe and perpetual so long as their media's fraudulent misdirection can be sustained. 

It is one of several "cosmic penalties" to be paid for an over eager willingness to be constantly intoxicated by a false history.

We have been here before.

"Oh, Darn.  Another economic 'correction.' We worked so hard to keep this going." (image source)

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