Friday, April 22, 2011

Gary Johnson - Just Say "Hello," Just Say "Good By"

MeanMesa has to ask.  Did you ever feel compelled to share one of those embarrassing stories about yourself?  Maybe it was an innocent impulse to "lubricate" the conversation at a cocktail party or even some suspiciously dark, inner yearning for a little cathartic humility, but there you went.

MeanMesa now confronts the same prospect.  Although a little self critical at first blush, we'll just forge ahead and see if some of the distress is relieved by this unexpected honesty.

A couple of months ago MeanMesa received an email from ex-NM Governor, Gary Johnson.  It was an invitation to subscribe to Mr. Johnson's political web site which already promised to, in practically no time at all, start throwing the pitch for his 2012 Presidential run. 

Normally, any "link" to a GOPCon political site would immediately be stowed in the gmail humor section of "all mail," but, amid the over flowing cess pool of GOPCon rhetoric,  Johnson's pitch had a strangely fascinating odor of rationality about it.  Curiosity piqued, the subscription was made.  At least, MeanMesa thought, if there were, actually, any of this rare substance, that is, if there were actually any sort of actual GOPCon revival of more or less objective thought to be seen here, we didn't want to miss it.

You know, for a Republican, Johnson was beginning to look, well, stable. The humility side of the question comes from MeanMesa's frantic, desperate, strange appetite to find something respectable in a Republican Presidential candidate, possibly some remnant of the "ghosts in the closet" desolation of MeanMesa's troubled childhood or something.

Here, we must pause for a tiny bit of explanatory background.

Years ago, the wonderful wife of one of MeanMesa's Fourth Way teachers, Mary, may God rest her soul, found it necessary, during the course of a routine conversation, to comment on some Germans who has just rented an apartment from MeanMesa in Anchorage.

Mary, a delightfully British woman, had lived through the Luftwaffe's relentless bombing attack on London during WWII.  However, years later, she had not only re-established her fundamental confidence in the "good of humanity" in general, but had also developed the habit of always encouraging both a positive thought and a constructive, good hearted comment about every possible foible of mankind which might surface in one of these conversations of hers.

So, responding so optimistically to the very casually mentioned news that these Germans had rented MeanMesa's apartment, Mary commented, "Well, they tend to be very clean, you  know."

What does this stiff old tale have to do with Gary Johnson's Presidential site?

Well, after "cruising through" some of the content to be found there, MeanMesa felt a strange, growing interest in something along the lines of "Giving him the benefit of the doubt" or "Let's reserve judgement until we know a little more" or even, in the wonderfully positive tradition of Mary, "Let's just try to think of something nice about what he's doing."

Of course, Johnson's "newsletters" kept rolling into MeanMesa's inbox.  They included an account of Johnson's pre-primary journey to all the "early states" which any Republican candidate must "soften up" before the real "bite and scratch" begins.  Remarkably, Johnson seemed to be continuing to, sort of,  "make sense," at least for a Republican, in all the fluff and feathers comments being reported in the "newsletter."

See MeanMesa post:  Gary Johnson, New Mexico Governor 1994-2001, Emerges

However, the inevitable once again proved to be inevitable.

Ex-Governor Gary seems to have grown, well, a little "thirsty" somewhere between New Hampshire and Iowa.  Stopping off for a quick, refreshing beverage at one of the many "Kool Aide" stands along the way, Johnson found himself drinking deeply from the local GOPCon well of "Health Care Hatred."

By the time it was necessary to "pay fealty" to the oligarchs in charge of the health insurance industry at his next "pre-primary" stop over, Johnson had become a full fledged "Health Care Hater,"  probably just in time to open a few nice campaign contribution checks from United Health Corpse.

So, in terms of "happy endings," Johnson has taken his place in line.  We can now expect those early hints at possibly being something different than the other GOPCon Vampires now eyeing each other's necks have been set aside.  Gary, equipped with every talking point from Kenya to Socialism, will now show his true colors.

Just as Gary is now "off" to the races for a choice seat in the GOPCon wet dream of another "looting festival," MeanMesa is now "off" Gary's Presidential Newsletter's mailing list.  

Yawn.  If this "de-subscription" makes Gary feel lonely, he can stand between Trump and Palin.

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