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Guantanamo - Watering The Garden of Rupert Murdoch's Wet Dream


Since the 2012 election festival has officially begun, who can surprised to see Obama's "broken promise" to close the autocrat's torture facility at Guantanamo trotted out for at least one more "final spin cycle" to see if there might be a drop or two of hill billy and bigot outrage left in the rag.  

And, who is leading the pack?

Why, none other than FOX News executive, heavily soiled Australian fascist, Rupert Murdoch.  Rupert is a bit intellectually challenged in such matters, so MeanMesa assumes that the order came from elsewhere, perhaps in a "W-style, hand-holding secret sign" relayed to him by his Wahabist co-hort and FOX co-owner, the Saudi Prince.

Now, there's a pair to draw to -- that is, a pair of "real Americans..."  oh well.

Discouragingly, however, other, the remainder of the ever so slightly less soiled , corporate news networks -- including the PBS NewsHour -- have decided to join the chorus, each one contributing a carbon copy of the half lie as a happy, effortless  adjunct commentary to the announcement of Obama's candidacy.

The Plan

Obama the candidate got lots of traction with his campaign platform issue to close the Guantanamo embarrassment for good as quickly as possible after the election.  This plan was a problem for the autocrat's cronies from the second it emerged from Obama's mouth.

If the "evil doers" and "criminals" in the Cuban facility were to be moved somewhere else, the "spray" of accompanying information would be a modern equivalent of Pizzaro's "Fountain of Youth."  Worse, the drips and drops would almost certainly fly far beyond even Florida's boundaries.

The "Black Man" had to be stopped.

Rupert, again, with, no doubt, some serious incentives and coaching, grabbed the FOX News "gearshift lever," and coaxed the reactionary dinosaur of a network into motion.

As if dredging quotes from Blazing Saddles, the Foxites quickly sanitized an equally plagiarized tale and broadcast it far and wide across the land of the free.  The old movie can provide us with a possible script for Murdoch's wet dream.

From the script of Blazing Saddles, 1974, Mel Gibson
See more Blazing Saddles quotes here.

[the Johnsons load their guns and point them at Bart, the black sheriff.  Bart then points his own pistol at his head

Cleavon Little as Black Sheriff, Bart, Blazing Saddles (image source - WIKI)

Bart: [low voice] Hold it! Next man makes a move, the nigger gets it!
Olson Johnson: Hold it, men. He's not bluffing.
Dr. Sam Johnson: Listen to him, men. He's just crazy enough to do it!
Bart: [low voice] Drop it! Or I swear I'll blow this nigger's head all over this town!
Bart: [high-pitched voice] Oh, lo'dy, lo'd, he's desp'it! Do what he sayyyy, do what he sayyyy!
[Townspeople drop their guns. Bart jams the gun into his neck and drags himself through the crowd towards the station]
Harriet Johnson: Isn't anybody going to help that poor man?
Dr. Sam Johnson: Hush, Harriet! That's a sure way to get him killed!
Bart: [high-pitched voice] Oooh! He'p me, he'p me! Somebody he'p me! He'p me! He'p me! He'p me!
Bart: [low voice] Shut up!
[Bart places his hand over his own mouth, then drags himself through the door into his office]
Bart: Ooh, baby, you are so talented!
[looks into the camera]
Bart: And they are so *dumb*!

The official FOX line was, as usual, both adolescent and incendiary.  The drooling FOX audience was suddenly inundated by the same innuendo, repeatedly issued forth from the the mouths of the Hannity's, O'Rielly's, Limbaughs, Becks and the rest.  In a hundred varieties, the mind numbing, torpid, fear mongering threat went out over the air waves from every corporate network microphone until casual conversation at every water cooler across the country echoed the same message.

"Ef them thar AArabbs gits inta thu country, they gonna' be afta thu whaht wimmin raught 'way.  It'll be thu ruin o' the whaht race 'n Westun civlizashun as we know it!"


"Ef thet black man 'n Whaht House holds them trahls in Neuw York City, AArabbs gonna' come blow up thu Court House and kill eveybuddy -- 'ncludin' yew 'n yer fambly!  It's all gonna be his fault too, dammit!" 

So, the "marching orders" coming down to FOX News begin to be illuminated, at least, illuminated as much as anything else buried in that dark morass of human desperation and fear. 

"Embarrass the President and terrify the old people and the half wits who listen to FOX."

In no time, the misdirection had spread to all the less wretched media networks, each one frightened at the prospect of missing some bit of the incendiary propaganda which was gaining traction in the hill billy crowd.   Congressmen were, predictably, beginning to receive phone calls from the constituents.  Letters to the editor were appearing, accounts of horrifying last days as the Arab terrorists moved through neighborhoods all across the country, relentlessly continuing their preparations to assault the New York City Federal Court House.

This latest FOX fabrication had grown "legs."

The "Completely Innocent Congress"
Moves to "Protect" the Country

The shabby little bill was easy to pass.  None of the "evil doers" and "criminals" from Guantanamo would ever be allowed inside the country for any reason -- not for a trial, not to be executed, not to go to prison, nothing.  Obviously, there was no possible way to make such a move safe for the people of the US.

However, the stench was slowly growing.  The "can't possibly do it safely" idea looked pretty convincing at first, but there seemed to be a few "loose ends." 

The frightened little autocrat, unable to stand up to the prospect of simple "enemies," had dragged all the Guantanamo prisoners into an Old Testament  redefinition so convincingly that his weird appetite for medieval torture had become palatable for a little while.  But now, even FOX News followers were beginning to grow suspicious.

The Autocrat finds water boarding strangely exciting. (image source)

"Hmmm.  Were they 'supposed to believe' that not even a super power like the United States was strong enough to handle the hordes of Arab terrorists who were now preparing to attack New York to disrupt the trials?"

Not Exactly

See.  There were a couple of other "pesky" little reasons why the Guantanamo prisoners could not be tried in an open, civil court, and they had nothing to do with "protecting" the American citizens from an Arab Terrorist attack.

Obama had already "puzzled" a few of his base supporters with his reluctance to prosecute the autocrat and his "torture loving" cronies for war crimes.  MeanMesa has to assume that the President had no appetite for starting a civil war on his watch no matter how intense the penchant for Christian vengeance might become among the voters. 

At first, the civilian courts had offered a relatively painless opportunity to simply "let things unfold however they might."  But after looking deeply into the bloody eyes of Americans who were not particularly "getting over it,"  Obama had second thoughts, thoughts about the relative value of the explosive nature of a full revelation of the outrages versus the urgent needs for the country to recover from other problems left in the wake of the autocracy's morbid legacy.

So, the FOX Gambit seems to have worked a little.  However, it remains to be seen whether or not the American electorate will "take the bait."  MeanMesa suspects that this latest flamboyance emerging from FOX and the rest of them will not gain any more traction than the latest clutch of other cheap tricks they have attempted.

"Cheap tricks?"  The examples are legion.  For example, last week's efforts by the "spending cuts" crowd to impugn the Libyan intervention as a fiscal outrage in a poor economy.  MeanMesa watched as the proposition was trotted out on every network new cast as a promising new embarrassment for the President, only to then collapse into a dusty mire of disinterest.

Don't be confused.  GOPCons could not care less about Arab Terrorists attacking a New York Federal Court or about thousands of American civilians being killed in such imaginary attacks.  GOPCons could not care less about the hideously soiled American image after the autocrat spent years tearing the arms and legs of his favorite "evil doers."

GOPCons only care about crooked immediate profits and stinky campaign contributions from people you wouldn't allow near your children.  Happily, this is the "brand" that they will be forced to sell in 2012.

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