Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latest Freedom Works Email -- Oooops.

Naturally, progressives watched in glee as the "conservative base" voters had their "little chat" with GOPCon Congressional throwbacks in last week's townhalls.  The wing nuts were expecting a "hero's welcome" from the locals, but instead, "Medicare killers" like Paul Ryan were lucky to go home after the meeting without nails through their wrists.

After all, it WAS the Easter season.

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Not to ever "take a second seat" to anything, Freedom Works stumbled up to the microphone for yet another tedious "flame session."  Out went the email -- most likely only a few minutes before the "media" got a hold on the town hall videos.

Attention Freedom Works:

This cow doesn't like it in the barn.

The email:

Demand a Vote on the "Save Our States" Act -- Halt Implementation of ObamaCare!

Dear MeanMesa,

There is legislation in Congress that would kill the ObamaCare health care takeover, but it needs your support NOW to have any chance of passing.


Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) has introduced the "Save Our States" Act. This bold legislation would completely halt ObamaCare's implementation pending a final ruling on its constitutionality by the courts, effectively stopping the President's socialized health care nightmare dead in its tracks.

This is exactly the reason so many conservative and independent voters flooded into election booths last November. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats under the leadership of Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) are leveraging their now razor-thin majority to prevent even holding a vote on this important reform.

It is critical for grassroots America to create a groundswell of support for hold ing a vote on the Save Our States Act. If we can reinforce how important holding a vote on this legislation is, even amongst conservative and moderate Senators, Reid will have little choice but to give in and at least schedule a vote on it.

This is step one - but an important step towards reviving this debate and putting lawmakers, many of whom will be vulnerable in the coming 2012 elections, on the record on what they really think about ObamaCare.

Click here to use FreedomWorks toll-free online phone tool to be immediately connected with your Senators' offices and deliver this important message: it's time to schedule a vote on Senator Hutchison's Save Our States Act and stop the implementation of ObamaCare!


Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks

P.S. Help support FreedomWorks' larger health care reform campaign to stop the ObamaCare health care nightmare with your generous donation - click here! Through the support of members like you we can reach more limited government activists with "calls to action" like this one that will ensure we keep up the grassroots energy against government run health care. Thank you!

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