Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MeanMesa Back On Line!

Here at Galactic Headquarters, we have been suffering under the lingering effects of an internet outage. Someone backed a truck into the cable (or something ... the stories vary widely).  Whatever happened, it had nothing to do with a SEAL team and black helicopters -- or, is that just what we are supposed to think?

IT Guy, Dave, responded to the frantic text message with the simple advice to call ComCast and turn the "patience" setting to "high."  Happily, the repairs were not the sort which can "test men's souls."  However, while Short Current Essays were resting, the world just kept on turning.

Ecch-h-h!  So much News!  So little Internet!
Oh well.  MeanMesa's postings will resume tomorrow.  Please visit us then.


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