Monday, May 9, 2011

Tea Bags to GOPCons - Please, Pretty Please, Let Us In!

 Good Republicans and Bad Republicans
Givers and Takers? Oh well, Takers and Takers

There are certain phrases which seem to saturate "news" coverage of the latest calamity which has fallen on the last, desperate remnants of what used to be the old Republican Party. The particular phrase which is "at play" in this posting is
the constantly repeated argument that "there is no line" between the zany pubescence of the over ebullient tea bag illiterates and the stodgy corporatists in the "more legitimate" traditional Republicans.

MeanMesa guesses that, when you own the media, such dreary repetitions can, in fact, be ordered onto the air waves if you want them.  However, this particular scheme has not yet been repeated enough to reach the credibility of "settled fact" among the voters, now a crowd which is growing more and more suspicious by the day.  No problem.  Money is no object.

After the anti-democratic "dancing monkeys" on the Supreme Court delivered up the Citizens United decision last year, well, money moved from being "no object" to being "absolutely, totally, incontrovertibly 'no problem at all,' whatsoever, under any circumstances and regardless of anything else."

The dark oligarchs of the old GOPCon family have little interest in anything beyond the simple continuance of their illicit wealth redistribution schemes and looting tax money into the pockets of their owners.  The new faces, the tea bags of the recent "freak show," are something of a more discouraging side of the phenomenon.  The fresh faced tea bags remain the "puppet ideologues" of all the propaganda the "oldsters" have been spewing for the last decades.

Last month, the tea bags in the Florida legislature, for example, reduced unemployment benefits and banned bestiality, a nice fit with the general "tide" of illegalizing Sharia Law in the respective states.

Although the Muslim hating tea bags were literally ejaculating at the prospect of "driving another stake through the heart" of the dangerous peril of domestic Sharia Law, the well seasoned looting team of GOPCons saw something different.   
If you are a Republican "oldster" who is dutifully concentrating on redistributing wealth to your masters, how, exactly, do you intend to win a 2012 election with this tea bag "flea carnival" squatting on your Party's record?

Now, the moribund servants sponsored by the corporations and the insidiously wealthy -- the GOPCons, of course -- can only frantically dream of putting the old scheme back on the tracks.  The tea bags, smelling blood in the 2010 election, slid all the way into the gaseous fog of the traditional talking points which had perpetually formed the currency of the old regime.

"Smaller government"
"Out of my bedroom"
"Cut spending"
Uh, "The Path to Prosperity"

The "extraction scheme" of the old school Republicans had always been as sophisticated as possible, designed not to inflame the uninterested and constantly lubricated by the relentless flow of media talking points.  The old GOPCon idea had been a simple one.  Transfer wealth quietly and in complex, nearly undetectable little schemes with which the manipulated party loyalists could co-exist without much particular angst.

The tea bags want none of this.  It turns out that they wants lots more.

"Hey!  Come on you old geezers!  We won the election and now we want to, uh, do stuff, and, you know, do stuff Cut government spending.  Fire teachers.  Bash unions.  Take our country back! Red, White and Blue!  Red, White and Blue!"
Well, a couple of the denizens of "oldsters" from the, you know, Republican "old school," seeing another chance to insinuate themselves into the glowing favor of FOX News and the billionaires, "jumped onto the band wagon." 

"We were ALWAYS tea bags down in our souls!  It was the other Bad Republicans who wouldn't let us do the, uh, tea bag stuff all these years.  We ALWAYS wanted to bash unions and fire teachers and stuff.  We should be the leaders of the tea bags."

The following email went out from the tea bag bunkers -- the basement of Dick Armey's "full service" law firm, "grassroots" lawn maintenance and public opinion complex -- encouraging tea bags all across the world to plead with Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McChinless, to put some of the crazies into important Senate Committees.

The Email from Freedom Works

Call Senate Republican Leader McConnell Now!

Dear MeanMesa,

Two years ago, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) was one of the first politicians to embrace the Tea Party movement. A true fiscal conservative, Sen. DeMint is one of our best allies in the United States Senate. He's been such a loyal advocate for our principles that he's often dubbed by the media as "Senator Tea Party".

And now he's got back up. Sen. DeMint's leadership helped usher in a new freshman class of Tea Party Senators last November including Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey and Ron Johnson.

So now it's time for us to return the favor.

There is currently a vacancy on the Senate Finance Committee which has jurisdiction over the issues that bring the tea party together—free markets, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally limited government. The vacancy is our chance to get a Tea Party ally on this powerful committee. Sen. DeMint, who is by seniority the top contender, is "very interested" in serving on the Finance Committee and we're very interested in him doing so.

Calls Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell now and ask that he appoints Senator DeMint to the Senate Finance Committee!

As Senate Republican Leader, Sen. McConnell has stood strong with the Tea Party movement against much of the harmful Obama agenda, including opposing the "stimulus", ObamaCare, and Cap and Trade. Now he has an opportunity to advance Republican commitment to limited government and burnish his own credentials as someone who listens to and understands our movement by appointing Sen. DeMint to the Senate Finance Committee.

Sen. DeMint's appointment would be a clear signal to our broad and active movement that Republicans in Washington are still listening. Sen. DeMint has requested a seat on the committee every time one has been available. Given his seniority this time, and his importance to the powerful Tea Party movement, now is the perfect time to offer him a seat.

Sen. DeMint has had our back since the beginning of this grassroots uprising we call the Tea Party movement. So let's return the favor. Call Sen. McConnell now and ask that he appoints Senator DeMint to the Senate Finance Committee. Thank you.
In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe

President and CEO, FreedomWorks

P.S. - Whether it's supporting Senators like Ji m DeMint or leading the fight against ObamaCare we're here to support the Tea Party agenda in any way we can. But we can't do it alone. Please consider chipping in $10, $50, $100 or more to help us continue our fight for freedom.

 Republicans -The Timid and the Bold

The Republican Party is, actually, divided, but that division is not simply a division between the tea bags and old crooks.  That over generous bit of imaginary "steadiness" is way too demanding for this bunch.  

The real division is between the old party loyalists who are content to quietly continue their traditional looting rampage and the old party loyalists who are willing to "take the plunge," join the tea bags and begin a newly formed, modern looting rampage.

You know, the timid and the bold.

Both gangs have every intention of taking over the entire country in 2012.  Each side may view the domination and dismemberment of the other as an inconvenient pause in the "Republican Grand Scheme" of things, but whichever is the victor, the common thread of wealth extraction and redistribution will continue to mindlessly rage forward.

GOPCon-wise, the damage the country will suffer at the hands of the timid -- those "oldsters" who intend to sideline the tea bags, carrying the day with their latest purloined public cash -- or at the hands of the bold -- the "angry young lions," vacuous ideologues, to whom facts and tradition mean nothing are actually quite similar. These wounds will appear only as different as the work of a patient vampire on one side compared to an unpleasant, adolescent tantrum on the other. 

These are not revelations, they are simply the plans of continuation.  Both of them.

During the 2012 election either these looters will pay the full price for their record, or we will for ignoring it.

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