Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tempting Governors to Bad Behavior

Can Tea Bag Governors Remember Their States?

From time to time, MeanMesa presents emails from the infamous Freedom Works tea bag psych-managers. Although almost always cruelly humorous, the little missiles occasionally reach out to reveal and even darker, inner side of American politics. In such cases, we see that there exists a significant population of voluntarily illiterate voters who live, "chin to shin," in the make believe world of the brazenly anti-democracy right wing.

Those tragic cases which find themselves saturated with the unending conspiracy theories and ever more outrageous flow of innuendo after innuendo issuing forth from the Limbaughs and Hannitys become completely infatuated with conveniently gaseous matters such as challenged birth certificates and prepubescent caricatures of the President as a monkey or a  Muslim.
Don't kid yourselves.  This IS your governor. (image source)

Those of us who still remain committed to the ideals of the American Democracy are charged to remember that each of these folks is resolutely enfranchised. They can and do vote. After the glacial flow of deception becomes completely material in their fully manipulated world model, these are the voters who send the grotesque to the Congress, bizarre anomalies of electoral irresponsibility under whose vapid thunder the rest of us must suffer.

In this light, please take a glance at the following email from Freedom Working, the latest form of single syllable "news brief" issued out to the American Legion bars and wheel chair vendors. This is what the tea bags see, and worse, consider somehow relevant in their vapid, staggering "patriotism."

From the tea bag Freedom Working Newsletter
(MeanMesa Note:  All links are left enabled for visitors wishing to explore the email's invitation to "read more.")

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gov. Kasich Fights Back Against Obama
Governor John Kasich recently balanced Ohio's budget and passed Senate Bill 5, restricting public sector unions' much-abused monopoly bargaining power. For his efforts, FreedomWorks gave Gov. Kasich our "Legislative Entrepreneur Award" for supporting economic liberty.

Now President Obama has struck back, criticizing Gov. Kasich and Senate Bill 5. Watch the video below to see Gov. Kasich defend the taxpayers:

Please call (614) 466-3555 and tell Gov. Kasich that as a FreedomWorks member, you thank him for standing up for the taxpayers of Ohio!

End the ObamaCare Slush Fund
Under our Constitution, only Congress has the power of the purse. ObamaCare's creation of an open-ended slush fund ("indefinite appropriation") for state-based exchange grants was a dangerous and irresponsible delegation of money and power to the President. It m ust be repealed as quickly as possible.

Sign Here>>

Urge your Representatives to vote YES next week on H.R. 1213, Representative Upton's bill to eliminate the massive, open-ended Obamacare slush fund for state-based exchange grants.

Gov. Daniels Passes Sweeping School Choice Bill

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels approved the broadest school choice legislation in America this week, expanding charter schools, instituting merit pay for teachers and restricting the collective bargaining power of teachers. The Associated Press declares that Gov. Daniels' school choice legislation makes Indiana "a showcase of conservative ideas" for other states to model.

Donate to FreedomWorks right now to help us bring legislation lik e this to states across America!

The bill creates a voucher system for not just low-income households but for middle-income families as well, so that all parents and children in Indiana are empowered to make their own educational choices.

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Of course, the "carnival" attributes of this mess are entertaining enough, but just after the laughter, a more disturbing side emerges.  This latest crop of tea bag state Governors, after the otherwise embarrassing flood of plutocratic dollars into their campaigns, are now being lauded openly for their efforts to defeat the President.  ("Governor Kasich Fights Back Against Obama")

That's right.

Governors are SUPPOSED to be running their states. (image source)

Governors are supposed to run their states, but we see these governors locked into "non-solutions" being dictated by their campaign managers to the behest of their real loyalties -- loyalties not particularly even related to the citizens who elected them.

If you don't already have one of the "special" governors sitting in your state house, don't think that there isn't one "sitting in the wings."  With the fetid, democracy crushing flood of Citizens United money already nicely packed into war chests all across the country, the Koch brothers and their ilk already have you in their sights.

Their campaigns and their candidates will be there in the 2012.  Don't kid yourselves.  Whether or not you think that union busting and crony-style privatization schemes are tolerable, add the prospect of having a governor who isn't even concerned with managing the state which elected him because he is so busy carving out everything his bosses have ordered him to deliver to them.

Be informed. Be active. Walk like an American.

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